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Snow Day

I tend to get a bit happy-happy-happy when there is a “real” snowfall in the forecast.  So just imagine my inner-child’s excitement when those flakes began to fall!  No longer could I sit by the window reading as my surroundings became a blanket of white, I simply had to go outside and play… with my camera of course!

snow leaves

snowy pine

winters window


snow fence

snowy view

snow shrooms

It felt good to be behind the lens giving my creativity a much-needed outlet.  With the exception of birthdays and holidays, I haven’t done much creating over the past year; hopefully I can change that in 2013, but with my current work schedule I’m not making any promises!



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Celebrating the Season

And I don’t mean babies in mangers, fat men dressed in red or trees lit up like a four alarm fire. I’m talking about Old Man Winter. I decided a very long time ago that I was not going to buy into this whole decorating for the holidays hoopla. I mean seriously, bins of stuff that serves no other purpose than to take up space, except for one month a year when it is proudly displayed and collecting dust. So not my thing. Besides, my mother gets all “Martha Stewart” and decorates enough for my entire family combined, so she can have my share…just so long as it stays on her side of the river!
I have a wreath on my front door that is sufficient for three out of four seasons. About three weeks ago I got a bug up my ass and decided I needed something winter-ish. After a quick google search I found several options that appealed to my minimalist ideals. All I needed were a few pine cones, a bit of festive ribbon, some floral wire and…. Ta-Da!
It’s hard to see in the pictures but the ribbon has a nature theme. I had just enough to hang nine pine cones. Since I could not make a decent knot, due to the bulk from all that ribbon, I decided to shorten one of the long strands and use it to tie everything together. With a quick snip of the scissors I cut a triangular notch out of each top. Not only did this reduce the bulk but it also allowed for ease in un-bunching everything. The wire served as an anchor to feed the ribbon through at the top since my pine cones did not all have stems. Overall I’m very pleased with how it turned out!

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Love is in the Air

Well, more like the snow.

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Mastering Fashion

I’ve always been a non conformist, especially when it comes to fashion. I say fuck trends, fuck them up the butt! hehe Why would you want to dress like everybody else? Chances are if it’s *cool* this season, it is going to be *out* the next. I can’t afford to keep up with seasonal wardrobe revamps! I prefer to take on a more unique approach to my style. As a child I was allowed to dress myself, which was my major form of expression. This continued through my young adult years. Here I am in high school with my best friend circa 1993. She allowed me to dress her that day. 🙂 I was always the odd one in the group. Obviously I’m the one with the long brown hair. How I miss those olive one stars!!!! I was usually adorned in bright vintage attire, sporting chucks, birks or docs. I was also not a stranger to being called a freak, to which I always had a quick witted retort at the ready. Once I was out of the house and off to college I started dying my hair. It has been several shades of brown, blond, red and purple. My mother was not very enthusiastic with the latter. Long purple locks were pretty sweet in my opinion though. 🙂

Now a days most of my garments are of the handmade persuasion with a few vintage gems. This skirt is one of my favorites! It’s vintage 70’s, velvet, super heavy and very warm, as in wind stopping warm! I’ve even posed in it for a sculpture because of the way the fabric drapes and creates lines.Sometimes function has to come before fashion. I refuse to become a member of a gym and go up invisible stairs for hours and pay for it. Instead I opt to exercise outside, which I will admit SUCKS in the winter! I kid you not this is what I look like when I go running.
That would be a Whals blizzard suit I am wearing, you know the kind you see construction workers in. I LOVE IT! Not only am I able to be outside when the temps are in the teens and not be bothered, except for my exposed skin which is easily protected with my wool scarf, but the beast weights about 5 pounds! At first it was a real challenge to try to run in it and not look like a complete asshole but I think I’ve mastered that skill! *I think*. hehe I do love people’s expressions when I go trotting by. I’m sure they think I’m completely nuts…and well, I am! At least I know and accept it. 🙂


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