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Like Hole in the Head

So I just started to Twitter. Great, like I really need one more thing to distract me from doing what I should be doing! It is all your fault Justine…but I love you anyway mama!!! 🙂 Hopefully it will generate more traffic to my website, my blog, yada yada yada…and ultimately create additional sales. That is the only reason I have a stupid myspace page. What can I say it is free advertising and I have sold quite a few pieces there which is why I still have it. I’m not really into the social networking thing, mainly because it is so time-consuming. Not to mention the fact I am so easily distracted, *oh look a butterfly* and off I go! Sometimes I really drive myself nuts! The only good thing about myspace and facebook is I can keep in touch with friends all over this fine planet, when I remember to check it that is! Well enough rambling back to productive nothingness!


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