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Snow Day

I tend to get a bit happy-happy-happy when there is a “real” snowfall in the forecast.  So just imagine my inner-child’s excitement when those flakes began to fall!  No longer could I sit by the window reading as my surroundings became a blanket of white, I simply had to go outside and play… with my camera of course!

snow leaves

snowy pine

winters window


snow fence

snowy view

snow shrooms

It felt good to be behind the lens giving my creativity a much-needed outlet.  With the exception of birthdays and holidays, I haven’t done much creating over the past year; hopefully I can change that in 2013, but with my current work schedule I’m not making any promises!



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Wordless Wednesday 2

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Cashing in on Hallmark Holidays

With winter in full swing much of my creating tends to gravitate towards the warmth of woolly fibers. There’s something to be said about spending a lazy weekend afternoon nestled amongst blankets watching a movie while my fingers frantically twist and loop yarn.

I’m not big on holidays, especially those of the Hallmark persuasion. With that being said I also don’t write them off entirely, at least not on the business end of the spectrum. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner I thought I would create a few crocheted butterflies for my etsy shop. If they don’t sell it’s no biggie, especially since I normally include one, along with a hand written note, as a way to saying thank you to my customers.

Here are a few pictures of the love inspired cuties I whipped up last weekend.


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