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Handmade Holiday – Felt Edition

Gifts have been given, recipients are happy! (insert big sigh of relief) Now it’s time to share!
Everyone was super excited over the felt food I made, myself included.  I thought about stuffing the toast to make it more 3d, but honestly, I just didn’t feel like it. I’m not all that excited about hand stitching a blanket stitch. Lame excuse, I know. But I think I may have redeemed myself with the bacon, which features both raw and cooked sides. (I used elastic to make it wavy)
Cecelia was most excited about her tea set, as was her mommy and my mom. In fact, I think this was the all around favorite. When staying at the cabin, Cece always helps Grammy with her morning tea. Now she has her own set, complete with an assortment of 6 *flavored* teas, tea wallet and lemon wedge. (I couldn’t figure out what the lemon wedge was missing (another layer of yellow) until now, so I may make her another one.
I really enjoy making felt food and since it has been received so well, I may end up making some for the site. I have plans to add several new goods, maybe play food will be one!

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Fun with Felt

I originally wanted to do an entire post on the handmades I created for the holidays. Yeah, well, that’s clearly not gonna happen. So here is what I created with some felt I had on hand. The rest of my handcrafted presents will have to wait…and so will you. 🙂

Goldfish Crackers. I only made 6 because they were a huge pain in the ass! They were life size so I had to make them by hand. Sigh.

Chocolate chip and rainbow sprinkled cookies. My niece squealed out loud when she opened these!
Bow-tie pasta…her mama squealed when she opened these. hehehe
Pasta with spaghetti sauce. Some are plain so she can have *buttered noodles*.
I’ve already begun dreaming up ideas for play food I can create for CeCe’s upcoming March birthday and next year’s solstice get together. 🙂

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