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Snow Day

I tend to get a bit happy-happy-happy when there is a “real” snowfall in the forecast.  So just imagine my inner-child’s excitement when those flakes began to fall!  No longer could I sit by the window reading as my surroundings became a blanket of white, I simply had to go outside and play… with my camera of course!

snow leaves

snowy pine

winters window


snow fence

snowy view

snow shrooms

It felt good to be behind the lens giving my creativity a much-needed outlet.  With the exception of birthdays and holidays, I haven’t done much creating over the past year; hopefully I can change that in 2013, but with my current work schedule I’m not making any promises!



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Swappin’ Goods

Before Christmas I was approached by a fellow stitcher to join a facebook Secret Santa group. Having never participated in a previous crafting swap I decided it might be fun. After learning my giftee loves mushrooms and earth tones, I decided to make her an appliqued Melissa sling bag.
The outside was constructed from two thin wale corduroys; one a solid in camel the other a dark brown with embroidered flowers. For the applique I used brown and green hemp along with a calico for the shroomy caps.
The inside was made from a vintage leafy paisley and solid kona cotton in bamboo.

The pocket is corduroy and features a mushroom applique as well. All seams are hidden so the bag can be used with either side facing out.

I was really pleased with how the bag turned out, especially the pairing of the vintage and solid fabrics.


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Fashionably Functional

I made a set of wool felt napkin holders for my mom for the holidays, along with a set of hand painted pressed leaf hemp napkins. She LOVED them as I suspected she would!I recently made several napkin ring sets for my etsy shop and listed them today…napkins are soon to follow. My favorite is the Butterfly with the Mushroom Trio coming in a close second! Despite their simplicity in design they really take a while to make, especially since I hand stitch the appliques. The blanket stitch was created using one of my machines. While making the napkin rings I kept placing them around my wrist thinking this would be a super cute cuff! Not sure if a wool felt cuff would arouse any interest, I filed it in the back of my brain for further investigation at a later time. After listing the napkin rings in one of my myspace photo albums I was instantly messaged by two different people. Both said how they would make awesome wrist cuffs. I guess I was on the right track after all. I love a dual functioning product! 🙂


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