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Cuddle Bugs

Don’t be fooled by the cuteness.  These two are weapons of mass destruction!

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Road Trippin’

Last weekend my travels took me to good ol‘ Indiana Pa, where once upon a time I cohabited with a certain someone. Let me tell you that town sucks! There is always an 80% chance that it is going to rain, despite what the weather report says. It is blistering cold in the winter and usually starts snowing in October and stops in May! Ok, that is a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point! The summers are beautiful as the town is nestled in the mountains creating a picturesque scenery, and fall, OH you should see the foliage!! I was fortunate enough to become friends with some really righteous wizards, which is what draws me back time and again to this crappy mountain town.

Here I am mid drive, eagle eying some douche bag up my tail pipe! It’s times like these I wish I still had my eclipse! How I miss that little car, especially in the summer!! Indiana is 222 miles from Lancaster and usually takes 3 hours 20 minutes. Depending on Mother Nature’s current temperament your drive can be a real bitch! My mother came to visit me once while I lived there. She came on an active weather day and vowed to never return! Usually this sign is flashing away, which also happens to be her favorite part of the story when retelling her adventure.

Since I’ve driven this path so many times I have a few places I and things I look forward to each trip. One of them would be the tunnels. I get to pass through Blue Mountain, Mt Kittatiny and the Tuscarora Mountain. The way the lights chase each other on your car’s interior is very psychedelic, almost like a flashing disco ball.

This is my favorite mountain, it comes into view as you are exiting the Tuscarora Mountain.

The first event on my itinerary included attending the wedding of long time friends Chris and Christy. I’ve know Smiley (Chris) for about 8 years and Christy for about 6. Smiley is part of a close knit circle of friends that was established during my Lone Star college days. The ceremony was simple and beautiful. Christy was absolutely stunning and I’ve never seen Smiley look more handsome! Noah, their oldest child was ring bearer and Molly, a friends daughter was the flower girl. Aiden and Isabella were also included but since they are so young they did not actually walk down the isle.

Here we are at the reception. For some reason every picture that was taken with my camera someones head was cut off. So I *borrowed* this one from the wedding album! 🙂

After the wedding I made plans to hang with the Havens. I have not seen these amazing people since last visiting Boston, a year ago. Last November Naomi Jain made her way into the world and I could not wait to meet that little peanut! She loved wrapping her little fingers around my long locks and tugging away.

I wanted to surprise Naomi Jain with a piece of Peanut Patchwork. I just so happened to find the cutest kitty fabric at a quilt shop near my house earlier in the week. I think the jumper turned out adorable and I can not wait to see her in it!

Here I am with mama Katelyn and papa J. I can not tell you how much I love these people! They are two of the most kind, thoughtful, caring free spirited beings I know! Man I wish you guys were closer! We did a bit of partying Saturday evening and J had left to get some beers, next I knew there was a Magic Hat #9 in my hands! My friends know me through and through!

After several hours of good friends and great conversation I was overcome with sleepiness and retired to my room on the promise that I would stop by again before heading home.

This was my suite located at the rustic, historic Twin Pines Motel. You gotta love the authentic 70’s decor!

Sunday morning I had breakfast plans with Jenn. Good ol‘ Vally Dairy was our destination and veggie omelets were our mission! It is comforting to know that some things just don’t change! 🙂 Since my last visit with Jenn a year had lapsed and Miss Meah had been born. I had surprised Jenn’s family with a loaf of my homemade organic zucchini bread packed full of chocolate and love! MMM MMM GOOD if I do say so myself, and so does everyone else!

After Jenn’s it was time to venture out to the thriving metropolis of Shelocta to see my long time friend and *spiritual adviser* Dg…oh yea and I guess crazy cat lady falls into that mix as well! She has the biggest heart of all my animal loving friends! I believe she has something like 30 cats that she cares for b/c people tend to NOT spay and neuter their animals *in these here parts*. She is always looking for loving homes for the over abundance of kitties, which is how I ended up with Jimi and Janis. These two puffs of fuzz are from her latest litter. I am so proud of my use of self control! I can not tell you how badly I wanted to scoop these two up and take them home with me!!!

The one pictured below is Barrel Kitty, she smushes up her little humpy nose and gives you the *I know you’re not talking to me* look! Too freakin’ CUTE!

As I left Shelocta and navigated back to Indiana I passed the Homer City Nuclear Power Plant. I attribute this plant and the other two found in the vacinity to the wacky weather patterns.

Before leaving Sunday to return home, Katelyn had packed me a travel snack bag. It’s contents included a babagnush sandwich, which I like to refer to as sweet lovin on bread, an apple, cheese, crackers, a homemade pickle and a big ol’ cup of hot joe! I was suppose to leave mid afternoon but just could not tear myself away despite the setting sun and the quickly approaching storm. I hate driving at night because I get soooo tired! I arrived home shortly after midnight full in both heart and soul. I love my friends!


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