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Because I just can’t make this shit up!

Sooooo, I just spent the last hour removing flypaper glue from the kitten.  Yeah, this is the kind of shit that happens to me… quite often, actually.  Not glue specifically, but random chaos.

Between screaming howls (kittens are really LOUD when they’re not happy) and tearing flesh (mine of course) I was able to catch a few shots.  Not with the Nikon, but with my phone, because the Nikon is in the shop.  Again, more chaos.

Notice the crazy spiky sticky hair?  Nice huh?  Even her little paws were sticking to the carpet.  If only I were home when it all went down!  I can imagine her tearing through the house all tangled up in a sticky mess.  And speaking of the sticky mess, it has yet to be located.  Awesome.

So, in case you find yourself in the same predicament one day, all I have to say is VEGETABLE OIL.  Douse them in vegetable oil.  Then lather, rinse, repeat.

So, for those in the know, it’s a Wharf Rat kind of night!!

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My Constant Source of Entertainment

Images and content copyright © 2008-2011 Danielle R Limoge.

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For Peat’s Sake

First off let me start by saying that Yes, I am very well aware of my borderline crazy cat lady status! 🙂

This post is all about Little Man Peat, who unfortunately is not so little anymore!! I can’t believe how fast that kitten is growing! When Jason and Josh first found Peat he was so small he fit into the palm of our hands, now he takes up my entire lap!

There he was shaking and crying because someone abandoned him under our produce wagon. Can you imagine! We figured him to be about 7 weeks old. After a recent trip to the vets to schedule the upcoming removal of his kitten making equipment, the vet informed farmer Josh of his real age, he was less than 5 months old. He was just now starting to get his second set of teeth which means when he was dropped off he was only about 4 weeks old!! Poor little man! No wonder he cried incessantly for a week, he missed his mama!!!

Farms do not and should not double as animal shelters for unwanted kittens and other animals. Unfortunately that is usually the case! Peat who acquired his name from peat moss, was lucky enough to be dropped off with 3 animal LOVERS and has a pretty darn good life here at the farm! The stand was actually nicknamed Peat’s Wagon by the children of customers who shop our stand regularly. They come for the fresh local produce and of course Peat steals the show!

I took this picture a few days after Peat’s arrival. His little paws were only as big as the stones!

Peat and I would often have daily photo shoots during our down time. What can I say he is just so stinking cute! You would think I was his proud mama cat! lol I really wish this one had been more in focus, it looked good on my display but once it was uploaded it was a bit blurry…stupid auto focus my ass!

Here he is sacked out in the shade of a burlap bag!

Please disregard my hideous leg bruises…I like it rough! Just kidding (ummmm well kind of) actually I am nicknamed Grace because I walk into everything!

Since the guys were usually working in the field Peat would constantly follow me around down at the wagon. One rainy Saturday Peat was being exceptionally *oh so helpful* while I was stringing pepper garland.

Here are the most recent pictures of *big* little man Peat taken this past week.

In this picture I was playing a game of hide and seek with the cows. Whenever I leave their field of vision they start to moo and I find it quite comical so I was trying to record it on my camera…don’t ask why I do the things I do. Peat came running out of the shed and right up my back so that he was in a position to drape himself over my shoulder…I guess he wanted to play too!

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