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Handmade Holiday – Jewelry Edition

During the time span of age ten through fifteen I was really into friendship bracelets. I had a collection of DMC embroidery floss that would rival any big box craft store. While in high school and college my preferred jewelry medium was hemp. I remember sitting in my room between classes twisting up a few heady pieces while listening to the sweet sounds of the 60’s and 70’s. Now my focus has shifted to gemstones and wire.

I really enjoyed creating this jewelry for the intended recipients, despite having to dismantle a few pieces, several times. There is one change I’d still like to make to the amethyst necklace but seeing as how my sister-in-law loved it, I’ll just let it go.

Jasper & Tigers Eye bracelet for my mom.

Amethyst butterfly necklace for my sister-in-law.

Jasper & Moon Stone coyote necklace for my niece. (she selected the pendent during this adventure)
The pictures turned out a bit too dark for my liking, but it’s just too cold for shooting outside in natural light. I really need to build a light box. I also need to get started on my cold frames for the upcoming planting season. I’d like to have both projects finished by mid Feb. Lets see if it gets done!

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Creativity in the Form of Peridot & Carnelian

I am happy to report that I can FINALLY cross jewelry making off my never ending to do list! In my last post I mentioned that I picked up a few pendents while visiting the bison farm, one for my niece and the other was for me. Well, I decided to take a trip into downtown Lancaster after work on Friday to stop into The Beadworks. It had been a few years since I visited last, so I was eager to see what they had added to their gem stone inventory and beading supplies. I was delighted to see they had grown but not as much as I had hoped. After two slightly wishy washy hours of creative contemplation I ended up selecting a few pieces of peridot, some charms, wire, jump rings as well as several clasps. As soon as I arrived home I popped in a movie and got to work. I must have made and remade the necklace about 4 times until I came up with a configuration I was happy with. Here is my finished piece!

It’s nothing fancy, just a bit of faceted peridot paired up with carnelian disks and a carnelian mushroom pendant. I purchased the strand of disks at a festival back in o4 or 05, I think. That is how long I’ve been wanting to get into making jewelry.

While out and about yesterday I picked up a set of crimpers, a beading tray and some silver spacers. I also placed an order for more stones and beads. I think I may take the necklace apart, again, and rework my stones to include some of my new spacers. I just feel like it is still missing something almost as if the peridot gets lost in all the orange. Plus I want to make sure my crimp tubes are secure since I used my flat pliers to attach them.

So now I’ve caught the beading bug and once my supplies arrive there will definitely be a few pieces made for the site! 🙂

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