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An Entire Hand

That is how old my niece is going to be tomorrow!  Seriously, where have the past 5 years gone?  Cecelia is such an amazing little person… and I’m not just saying that because I am her aunt!  By the age of 3, she was using the word nocturnal in a sentence and correctly identifying over 50 different species of birds.  Yeah, she’s wicked smart.  She’s also very sensitive and incredibly loving.  Watching her grow and evolve over the past 5 years has been truly amazing!

Last Saturday was Cecelia’s birthday party, it was held at a gymnastics facility near her parents’ home.  For about an hour Cece and friends ran around an obstacle course, jumped into foam pits, and bounced on various trampolines.  The adults, myself included, were really jealous of all the fun the kids were having!

After everyone was finished tumbling it was time for cake and presents.  This is where aunt DD shines.  With the exception of books, I’ve never purchased anything for her.  Everything has been made by hand, with love, from me.  So when Cece stopped opening her gifts and announced “Aunt DD, I want to open your present” I melted!

Several months ago Cece decided she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.  Coming from a large family of animal lovers this was not much of a surprise.  She frequently tends to her sick kitties and puppies administering medications and placing them on a strict regimen of bed rest.  Clearly I had to create something to assist her health-promoting care.

I whipped up a few felt band-aids for her “recovery room”.  As you can see in the picture some are for injured animals others are for healed animals.  They have elastic on the back so they can fit a wide array of stuffed animals.  When my mother saw these she shook her head and placed her hand on her face.  I don’t think my brother was too excited about them either.  Cece thought they were cool and frankly, that is all that matters.

Any one who knows me, Cecelia, or follows this blog is aware of her OBSESSIVE LOVE for deer.  Last year I made her this dress, which is one of her favorite garments.  Keeping with tradition, I wanted to make her something deer-themed again.  She loves playing dress-up but making a deer costume was a challenge I did not want to take on, so I settled for a “Fluffy” mask instead!

Fluffy is the yearling that regularly visits my parents’ home.  Cece LOVES him and is always asking Grammy if she has seen him when she calls.  My mom framed a photo of Fluffy and his family for Cece’s room.

Some of my stitcher friends have mad skills when it comes to making felt masks, me, not so much.  And, in true professional procrastinator style, I waited ’til the morning of her party to make her presents.  What can I say, I’m a busy girl!  It kind of looks like a cross between an owl and a cat.  I probably should have made the ears longer and thinner, but whatever.  The birthday girl didn’t care, she loved it and immediately put it on!

photo credit Allen Tischer

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