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NEED. WANT. Plus a Give A Way!

Seriously, I NEED this fabric!! It was love at first sight and I want it, NOW! We are talking about organic cotton hemp blend, hand screen printed, limited edition, eco friendly inked awesomeness!
Available colorways:
Robins Egg on Cream
Deep Red on Unbleached
Gold on Cream
photos courtesy of Ink & Spindle

What color to select? Therein lies the problem, folks.
 I’m leaning towards the Robins Egg on Cream or the Gold on Cream simply because I already have an awesome mushroom print in a deep red.
Second setback, it’s wicked expensive. One cut is 70 X 50 cm which is approximately 27 X 19 inches. I need at least 2 cuts and with shipping that puts me back about $50. BUT, the super awesomeness is well worth the investment. At least that is what I keep telling myself. What to do, oh what to do.
Now onto the fun stuff for YOU!
It feels like forever since I last held a Give A Way, so what better time than the present? In appreciation of you, my lovely readers, I am offering up an Organic Lip Balm Trio in the flavors of your choosing, all found HERE, wrapped up in a handy reusable fabric bag, for TWO lucky readers!
To qualify, and there are multiple chances to do so, just leave me a comment. Second is to follow my blog or let me know you already do so. And third, be our friend on facebook. See, it’s Easy Peasy! Winners will be selected, at random, on Monday July 5th! Good Luck and a Happy 4th to you!!

The Random.org gods have smiled upon commenters #6 & 12.
Congrats Tree and Judy!! I will be contacting you for your lip balm choices and fabric bag color!
Thanks to all who entered! I love give a ways so be on the look out for another one in the near future!! Maybe an organic body oil next time around?? 🙂



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I Had a Dream

Once upon a time I fantasized about the day where I would no longer need to venture out shopping for fabric. That one day, I would be able to walk into my studio and select coordinating fabrics to create with. Folks, that day has come. Actually, I’m pretty sure I reached that goal about 4 years ago! It never dawned on me just how much fabric I really had until the day came where I needed to move it!
That is not alcohol you are looking at. It is 292 lbs of fabric neatly packed into 26 boxes. That is how much fabric I have! And do you know how I know that? Because I packed and weighed each box myself. 
My first obstacle to tackle once I moved was setting up my studio. Forget the kitchen and cooking, forget my bedroom and sleeping. My studio needed to be set up. Priorities people, priorities!
Jimi was instrumental in assisting with that task! You never know when gale force winds will whip through your house and blow everything around. He had the exhausting job of keeping everything pinned to the floor! He is such a big help!
Believe it or not I’ve actually made a bit of a dent in my *stash*. A lot of the fabrics I have been holding onto were destined to be made into clothing for moi. I just wasn’t sure what form they would take until recently. Last weekend I sat down with my vintage patterns and started drafting and designing. I have a few pieces in the works and the muslins have been started. Once I create the finished garments I will be sure to share them with you. There seems to be a shift in my creativity taking place. Change in the air and I couldn’t be happier!


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I won. This is what I made.

I really enjoy reading fellow crafters blogs, especially those with a purpose. One blog I follow regularly is Teresa from Green Bag Lady. I love what she is doing and the impact it is making!!
A few weeks ago Teresa had a give-a-way for 3 yards of organic cotton from Harmony Art. We are talking about organic goodness that is 110″ wide people! I entered the drawing and guess what, I won! Woo Hoo!! Last fall was a good crafting karma season for me as I also won this fabric from A Print A Day. Anyway back to the point of this post. I was given the option of all 3 yards in the same fabric or I could split them up. Personally I’m not a pastel person and would have selected all 3 in blue. However, since this was going to end up as a gift for a favorite tot I needed to choke back my selfish seamstress tendencies. I decided on 1 yard in each color.
Upon receiving my fabric I smiled when I saw this on my envelope.

I always recycle my packaging at Pixy Patch, and I am glad to see how many other businesses are doing the same! I even save the envelopes we get at work from our vendors. They are the perfect size for mailing lip balms and body oils! 🙂

When I left my comment on Teresa’s blog I told her that if I won I would use the fabric to make something for my niece, which I did. His name is *Bunny* and she loves him!!
The aqua and pink fabrics were both solid. The blue has pin stripes on one side, so I decided to use the *wrong side* since I wanted the patchwork for this project to be uniform. The eyes are buttons and the nose is black embroidery floss. Thankfully I only had three small details to sew since I had to stuff bunny for placement and then unstuff him to sew them on. You can also see I’ve been putzin’ around in photoshop backgrounds!


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Yes, I am a Bag Lady

But in a good way, a green way. I always have fabric bags with me when I go places. Not only is it better for the earth but some shops give you a discount for bringing your own bags! Grocery stores in California actually charge you for NOT bringing your own bags!

One of my goals this year is to make a serious dent in my ridiculous fabric collection. I have so much fabric that both, yes both of my shelving closets are at maximum capacity. Well the one is more like 90% and the other is at 110%. I actually have to remove the entire stack to extract the particular fabric I want. Yes folks, I have a serious fiber addiction, but hey, half the battle is admitting you have a problem…right??

I am able to rationalize having all this fabric because of my business. Eventually IT WILL be used and a lot of it is already designated for certain pieces that are still floating around in my head, they just need to be drafted onto paper and brought to life. In the first closet most of my fabrics are organized by color, hand dyed hemp is on the top shelf and vintage is on the bottom, which is two rows deep. The closet shown on the right is mainly corduroy, fleece, flannel, natural hemp, bamboo and a few ultra fabulous $25+ a yard I got on my last trip to Boston. Most shelves are two rows deep. Almost all yardage has been tagged with the purchase price. This way I don’t have to dig through years of *archived* tax records searching for a particular receipt when calculating a finished garments’ price. Everything is washed and ready to sew. I must admit it is nice to go shopping for fabric without leaving the house! All I have to do is open the closet doors!!

Now that I feel better having justified my obnoxious hoard of fabric to the online community I can get to the point of this post….Green Bags! I decided to start making that dent in my stash by creating fabric bags as another *low priced* item to add to my website and etsy shop. They are simple, no frills, fabric shopping bags. I will eventually be making some heavy duty duck cloth bags but wanted to start with these first. I think they will also be a good seller at the festivals since they are geared towards all consumers, not just those interested in hippie style patchwork and handmade clothing. So far I have cut out and sewn about 15 bags in the past 2 days. I still have a stack of fabric waiting to be made into more. Here is a picture of the ones I made today. Good things come to those who wait…or more like read. If you’ve made it this far you are in for a treat. In a conscience effort to save the planet, spread some love and keep my karma in check, I’ve decided to have a Green Bag give away! All you have to do is leave a comment about what you’re doing to save the planet to be entered into the drawing, which will be chosen through random.org. This means you can’t post as anonymous. It also makes my blog stalkers come out of the closet if they want a chance to win. The lucky reader will be chosen and announced next Sunday. Here is a picture of the bag being offered up for grabs.It measures approximately 17″ across the top, 13″ along the bottom and is 14″ deep. Good Luck! 🙂


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Dork of Dye

Last weekend I spent some quality time with my washing machine. I dyed two batches of bamboo jersey for a custom order that I am working on. I grabbed my camera and decided to snap a few pictures of the process.

I am in no way a dye master nor do I claim to be. 🙂 There really is no precise method to my madness. I tend to shake things up a bit and change my variables because I am curious as to how it effects the final outcome. I’m what you call a dump and dye kind of gal. I don’t measure the dye which is a big no no. So if I ever had to recreate an exact shade, well I’m pretty much screwed!

Step 1: Rounding Up the Supplies
Here I have my soda ash which sets the color, synthrapol a professional textile detergent, my dye fixative, fabric softener specially formulated for dyed fabrics, salt, gloves, face mask and of course the star of the show…procion dye in a lovely Olive Drab color.

Step 2: Adding the salt
Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. Yes, I am totally aware of how much of a dork I am! 🙂

Step 3: Adding the Dye
I use procion dyes because it bonds with the fiber at a molecular level, becoming chemically part of the fabric. I love how the dye in no way looks anything remotely close to the actual shade I am attempting to achieve.

Most often people mix the dye into a paste, then add more water until it becomes a slurry and then add it to the water…not me baby. Here I am oh so carefully *measuring* out the dye! 🙂

And remember…Safety First!

Step 4: Agitating the Dye Bath

Step 5: Adding the Fabric

Step 6: Soda Ash
This and the salt I *kind of* measure. Soda Ash tends to cake up once water is added so you really have to mix it up good. It is used to raise the ph of the water.

Step 7: Agitate, Soak, Repeat, Agitate, Soak, Repeat, Agitate, Soak, Repeat…
This goes on for hours folks!!! Usually I remember to have a timer attached to my person but every once in a while I put it down and forget to clip it back on. Then I hear the buzzer going off and panic shoots though me as I franticly run through the house trying not to loose my dye bath down the drain…which sad to say I’ve done! Total Pisser!

Step 8: Wash, Rinse, Repeat
In this step I use synthrapol, which pulls out the remaining loose dye and helps to prevent back staining. Then I add the dye fixative and fabric softener. The final product….


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