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Listening Through

I have a list titled “Music to Purchase” which is just about as long as my “Crafting To Do & Learn” list. Last Sunday, thanks in part to Amazon’s music download specials, I happily crossed Carolina Chocolate Drops – Genuine Negro Jig and the Avett Brothers – I and Love and You off the list!

I have found both albums to be “listen straight through” recordings, which makes me a very happy girl! Nothing irkes me more than finding only one or two enjoyable songs aside from the released singles. I knew I would like CCD’s album because I so love me some string band music! The Avett Brothers I wasn’t so sure about. Of what I heard I liked but several people gave me very mixed reviews.

I would have to say that Cornbread and Butterbeans from CCD is among my favorite songs from Genuine Negro Jig.


As for the Avett Brothers, well, this was tough because I seriously LOVE the entire album. If pressed I would have to say “January Wedding” is my favorite song. What can I say banjos do it for me! haha


By the way, if you are a Broken Bells fan, Amazon is offering their self titled debut album for $5 the entire month of July. I’d be all over that if I didn’t have it already! James Mercer makes my heart go thump-thump, Thump-Thump, THUMP-THUMP!


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Music Monday – Carolina Chocolate Drops

This trio from Durham, NC has quickly catapulted to the top of my favorite banjo-ing fiddlers list! Steeped in traditional Peidmont style the Carolina Chocolate Drops are one of the few remaining African American String Bands. Their rendition of Blu Cantrell’s Hit em Up Style is receiving lots of attention, as it should be! Their third album, Genuine Negro Jig, is due for release Feb 23 in the states. If you preorder the album from CCD’s official website you will also receive 7 mp3 bonus tracks. I. Can’t. Wait.


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