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It may have finally happened, I think I have become an adult, or started to think like one. What is you you ask that brought me to this conclusion? Probably the fact that I literally gasped out loud when I saw this taking place.
Nothing about this situation looked like a good idea. All I could think about were those children drowning in the icy cold water. And where are their parents??? Seriously, they are paddling around in a death tin with makeshift ores. Sure if I were a kid I would have been game. Who am I kidding, up until about 2 years ago I probably would have been there with my own boat! OK, maybe not, I have a serious phobia of cold water. Not sure where it stems from, probably because my father’s sister died when she fell through ice and drown at the tender age of 5. I would have waited till summer. So like any responsible adult, I rolled my eyes at the lack of supervision and walked away. Was that wrong?


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