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For the Wee One

Today, I braved the 40 mph gusts of wind and horizontal rain to head to the farm for Kristi’s baby shower. Kristi is Farmer Josh’s wife, they are expecting their first child, a son, who will make his debut the end of June. I’m very excited for my friends, they are going to be incredible parents!

For the “Lil’ Farmer to Be’s” gift I decided to applique a pack of onesies featuring some of the produce his daddy sells. Maneuvering newborn sized clothing under my machine proved to be quite difficult, which is why I chose to only straight stitch the edge instead of the typical satin stitch. I remember when I appliqued my niece’s dragonfly onesie, I had to walk away, several times.

I also whipped up a few burp cloths so he can spit-up in style! The tops are printed flannel, the middle is cotton batting and the bottom is a coordinating corduroy.

The radiant mama-to-be showing off her cuddling skills with a plush elephant.

I have a onesie left over, the pack came with 8. Originally it was going to be a sunflower, since Josh sells those on the farm as well; however, I’m pretty sure he would not be too keen on dressing his boy in flowers. I have other plans for that one and the little guy will receive it once he makes his way into the world!!

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Duvet is DONE

I’ve been putting off creating a new bed covering for quite some time. The main reason was due to my lack of disciplinary actions towards the cats. Try as I might, I sucked at keeping their furry butts off my bed, or anything else for that matter. Paws on the floor is something that should have been instilled during those early kitten months. That obviously never happened. I use to love having the kitties cuddled up in bed with me, however, the older I became the more annoying it was. Cat hair was always everywhere and I had no one to blame but myself. Plus I don’t declaw my animals. How would you feel if you woke up missing your fingertips? When I would knock them off my bed, claws would typically extend to maintain balance. Claws and fabric do not mix! Since I am cat free (and plan on staying that way for a long time) I thought I would do a bit of selfish sewing.

Several years ago my mother gifted me five bolts of assorted embroidered linens. I made a few dresses and skirts for the site but still had a lot of yardage left, so I ended up tucking it away in my fabric closet. Inspiration struck Christmas morning. I sat in my room staring at my bed trying to envision what I wanted the finished duvet to look like. I then began draping fabric and sketching out the design. I made a duvet once before, but the bed was smaller and I used a flat sheet for the backing. This time around I did things a little bit differently. After it was all said and done I think I have about 13 hours invested in this project!

My major past annoyance with most duvet covers is the way my down comforter would slip and slide around inside. After a bit of brainstorming I decided a loop and button should do the trick. The loops were sewn into the inside top seam, then I attached 6 large buttons to the top of my comforter. I selected the largest buttons I had in my stash. Thankfully they are on the inside because I hate them! I forget what I took them off of but they have anchors on them.

Since the fabric is factory embroidered the backside is full of loose threads. Not wanting rogue strands sticking to my comforter, I decided to line the linen with natural muslin, which I also used for the underside of the duvet. I used almost an entire bolt! Thankfully it is a lightweight fabric because after it was all said and done this baby weighs a ton!

I had just enough “cheater patchwork” to cover the top of the bed, so I used the matching embroidered stripe to make the side and bottom accent panels. At first I thought about making the corners meet in a chevron design, but decided against that after realizing I’d have to make fitted corners in order to achieve the look I wanted. That was way more work (and math) than I wanted to put into this project. Here is a close up of the patchwork. It is a bit more pink in the picture than in real life, but the sun was setting and the flash washed out all color. I’ll have to get a picture on a sunny morning because the solid part is actually a sandy oatmeal shade that neutralizes much of the pink. You can kind of see that in the first image.

Overall, I’m very happy with how everything turned out. It was a huge pain to make and line (since it measures over 100″) but I’m glad I did it. The colors match my pink (rolling my eyes) room perfectly. I am so not a pink girly girl, but somehow I always end up with a bedroom in that color! I have enough stripe left over that I’m going to make either matching valances for the windows or shams for the bed. Probably the latter since the pillow cases most often on my bed are a tie-dye mix of brown and blue!

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Handmade Holiday – Sewing Edition

My mother’s birthday happens to fall nine days before Christmas, so technically this is not “Holiday” sewing. However, it still lies within the month of December so I’m including it.
Several years ago my mom and I were paroozing the isles of one of our favorite local quilt shops. She ended up finding several “can not live without” fabric prints, mostly of the nature persuasion. She was going to make a table runner with them. Fast forward two years and that vision had yet to be executed. This is where I step in.
Mom “Hey Dee”
Me “yes?”
Mom “I have this fabric and never got around to making anything with it. Would you want to make me a table runner for my birthday?”
Me “Well, seeing as how I was going to make you one in the first place and now I don’t have to go and buy fabric, you betcha!”
I used a strip piecing method for the patchwork. Initially it was going to be alternating blocks of small and large patchwork. Mid way through I completely changed direction and added a pattern by switching up the order of the blocks.
To be quite honest I’m not all that happy with it. I think the orange over powers the entire piece. My mother on the other had was beyond ecstatic and my step-father also really liked it. Just so long as she is happy, that is what counts…but I still don’t care for it! haha
This table that the runner currently resides on is huge. I had somewhat of a difficult time getting the backing to lay flat and not wrinkle as I was cutting it out on the floor. I just should have sucked it up and went into my crawlspace and brought down the leaf insert to my dining room table giving me the extra work space. Once I had the two pieces sewn together and turned right side out, I top stitched the edge. Really what I should have done was quilt the layers together. Damn you hindsight! This would have solved my wrinkles but then I would have had to make edge binding, which I don’t like to do…well, it’s the stitch in a ditch part I don’t like. Oh well, maybe next year’s runner will be a quilted piece! Or better yet, I’ll just make her matching place mats!

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A Recent Trade with Jam Band Junkie’s Tie Dye

For the past year I’ve been squirreling away an amazing sheet set made from a velvety soft cotton. My plan was to dye them using a low water immersion technique, but who knows when that project would actually take place. It just so happens that Laurel, of Jam Band Junkie’s Tie Dye, works with sheets, so I emailed her to see if she was interested in a trade. Guess what? She was!

Laurel was fond of a patchy strip skirt I made a few years back. She was interested in having one created in a similar style but in earthy Fall colors. Not a problem! I opened my fabric vaults and started matching up prints.

Pictured below is Laurel’s finished skirt. I think it turned out really cute and she loved it! I can’t wait to receive a picture of her smiling face sporting her Pixy Patch skirt!

For my sheet set I selected a pallet of brown and blue. I love brown and blue, too bad my bedroom and pink and green. Yes, pink. I loathe pink. Growing up every house I lived in I had a pink bedroom simply because little girls are supposed to be suffocated in fluffy cute pinkness. I was a straight up Tom-boy and pink was so not my thing. Finally when I entered high school my mother let me choose the color for my new bedroom. I selected green and accented with yellow. The room at my father’s house was still pink. Ugh!

While the sheets do not match a thing in my room I love them regardless! My plan is to make a quilt or duvet cover this winter in cream and brown, since there is a wee bit of brown in the wall paper and my bed skirt is brown. I’ve been holding off on quilting since I sucked at keeping my cat off my bed. If I am going to invest some serious time in creating a quilt I’ll be damned if it’s going to be covered in cat hair! Since I no longer have inside animals I’d say I’ve got a green light for quilting!

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Halloween-ish Trade

My cousin Nic is a stylist. Every 4-6 months I track her down for a cut. In return for her services I make clothing for her little girl Sky. You may remember reading this post from several months ago…aka, my last bit of haircut-crafting. Sky LOVED her kitty skirt! Actually she loves all things kittys so when I asked if she’d like me to create ears and a tail for her she lit up!

Since Halloween is right around the corner and I have no plans on trekking across the river till next month I sent Sky’s “kitty parts” home with my mom since she will be stopping into the salon Monday. I had CeCe model them for me since I won’t be snapping a picture of Sky in them any time soon.

The ears were made from wool felt. I picked up a few kiddo headbands last week and when stitching the ears I left the bottom open so I could slip them on. The plastic “teeth” keep them in place quite nicely!

For the tail I started with a brown cotton tube and twisted a few pipe cleaners together to make it bendable. I then stuffed it with a bit of poly-fill and attached it to a strap that is then tied around the waist. CeCe really liked wearing it so I may end up making her one too!

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Making the Old New Again

Well, at least when it comes to pictures that is. This winter I’m planning a site overhaul. I thought I would get a jump on that overwhelming task by rephotographing some older inventory. By switching up images it keeps things looking fresh and new!

Since my free time is so limited I thought I’d start off small and first tackle my tea wallets. I grabbed a few tea related props and in between canner loads of peaches I started shooting. Definitely an improvement on the previously listed pictures of years past!




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