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An Entire Hand

That is how old my niece is going to be tomorrow!  Seriously, where have the past 5 years gone?  Cecelia is such an amazing little person… and I’m not just saying that because I am her aunt!  By the age of 3, she was using the word nocturnal in a sentence and correctly identifying over 50 different species of birds.  Yeah, she’s wicked smart.  She’s also very sensitive and incredibly loving.  Watching her grow and evolve over the past 5 years has been truly amazing!

Last Saturday was Cecelia’s birthday party, it was held at a gymnastics facility near her parents’ home.  For about an hour Cece and friends ran around an obstacle course, jumped into foam pits, and bounced on various trampolines.  The adults, myself included, were really jealous of all the fun the kids were having!

After everyone was finished tumbling it was time for cake and presents.  This is where aunt DD shines.  With the exception of books, I’ve never purchased anything for her.  Everything has been made by hand, with love, from me.  So when Cece stopped opening her gifts and announced “Aunt DD, I want to open your present” I melted!

Several months ago Cece decided she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.  Coming from a large family of animal lovers this was not much of a surprise.  She frequently tends to her sick kitties and puppies administering medications and placing them on a strict regimen of bed rest.  Clearly I had to create something to assist her health-promoting care.

I whipped up a few felt band-aids for her “recovery room”.  As you can see in the picture some are for injured animals others are for healed animals.  They have elastic on the back so they can fit a wide array of stuffed animals.  When my mother saw these she shook her head and placed her hand on her face.  I don’t think my brother was too excited about them either.  Cece thought they were cool and frankly, that is all that matters.

Any one who knows me, Cecelia, or follows this blog is aware of her OBSESSIVE LOVE for deer.  Last year I made her this dress, which is one of her favorite garments.  Keeping with tradition, I wanted to make her something deer-themed again.  She loves playing dress-up but making a deer costume was a challenge I did not want to take on, so I settled for a “Fluffy” mask instead!

Fluffy is the yearling that regularly visits my parents’ home.  Cece LOVES him and is always asking Grammy if she has seen him when she calls.  My mom framed a photo of Fluffy and his family for Cece’s room.

Some of my stitcher friends have mad skills when it comes to making felt masks, me, not so much.  And, in true professional procrastinator style, I waited ’til the morning of her party to make her presents.  What can I say, I’m a busy girl!  It kind of looks like a cross between an owl and a cat.  I probably should have made the ears longer and thinner, but whatever.  The birthday girl didn’t care, she loved it and immediately put it on!

photo credit Allen Tischer

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GIANT Bubbles

Last weekend, I had a sleepover with my favorite four-year old.  We ran through sprinklers, dug in the dirt, chased lightning bugs, enjoyed homemade Philadelphia-style vanilla ice cream, and made gigantic bubbles!

I first learned of these magnificent beauties last year when my friend, Tree, posted about them on her blog.  When I saw how easily they were created I just knew I had to try them out!

As you can see, I was really good at making them; Cecelia was really good at popping them!

To make giant bubbles you will need:

2 dowel rods

100% cotton piping (I crocheted a 100″ chain from cotton yarn)

2 screw-in eye hooks

1 metal washer (to act as a weight)


bubble solution and several healthy squirts of dish soap

a deep pan to hold the solution (I used a 9×9 foil baking pan)

Screw one eye hook into the top of each dowel rod.  Tie one end of the cord to one of the eye hooks, feed the other end through the remaining eye hook; slip the washer onto the cord and then tie the remaining loose end onto the eye hook where you first started.  Tah-dah!  You got yourself a bona fide giant-bubble-making-wand.  Saturate the cording in the bubble solution and blow baby blow!

As you can see by the numerous “costume changes” we did this every day! hahaha

And here I am explaining the finer points in solution swishing!

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I’m Back… with a Give Away!

You can call off search and rescue, I’m still alive!  Buried, but still breathing!  I try to maintain a certain level of perspective, but when you have mason jars full of garlic scapes, endless quarts of strawberries, and 5 gallons of just-picked peas all staring you down it can get a bit overwhelming!  And that is just the tip of the garden harvest; don’t get me started on the beets that need pulled, lettuces that need washed, and summer seeds and transplants that need attention!

This year my experiment with garden mulch has proven to be worth its weight in gold, or in my case, time!  Up until the past few days I was able to spend a good bit of quality time in my studio behind my machines!  I seem to always have a never-ending pile of clothes to mend/alter, UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) tucked away in cabinets and random projects just waiting to be brought to fruition!  Then there’s the shop and website…which brings me to my latest sewing endeavor!

Expressly Local Food, a Lancaster shop specializing in organic and locally grown food, offers locally roasted coffee, baked goods, bulk items, canned preserves, and my fabric totes and mesh produce bags!  (Along with a few other Pixy Patch items!)  I wanted to make sure the shop was well stocked before I let the cat out of the bag on the blog and websites!

That’s right, I am now offering MESH PRODUCE BAGS!!!  This is something that has been in the works for quite some time!  There is just too much single-use plastic floating around, mainly in bodies of water and buried in landfills!  By using these sturdy, lightweight, reusable mesh bags you are eliminating the need for the disposable plastic ones found at the food store!  I have three sizes available, S-M-L, all made from durable mesh netting, featuring a stylish fabric casing and hand-crocheted drawstring.

…and now for the give away!!  I am offering one of my fabulous blog readers a set of 3 reusable mesh produce bags!  For your chance to win leave a comment telling me what you would fill your produce bags with.  For me it’s usually lemons (for making fresh-squeezed lemonade), garlic and onions!  For additional entries you can do one or all of the following: repost this give away on facebook, friend PixyPatch on facebook, reblog the give away, or sign up to follow Twisted Threads!  For each one you do be sure to leave a separate comment.  You must complete the mandatory entry first though!  I will use the all-knowing Random Number Generator to select the winner.  Give away ends June 22nd at 11:59 pm EST!  Good luck and thanks for reading!!  🙂

This Contest is now closed!   A big Thank You to everyone that entered, the all-knowing number generator selected comment #11 from Tree as it’s winner!

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For the Wee One

Today, I braved the 40 mph gusts of wind and horizontal rain to head to the farm for Kristi’s baby shower. Kristi is Farmer Josh’s wife, they are expecting their first child, a son, who will make his debut the end of June. I’m very excited for my friends, they are going to be incredible parents!

For the “Lil’ Farmer to Be’s” gift I decided to applique a pack of onesies featuring some of the produce his daddy sells. Maneuvering newborn sized clothing under my machine proved to be quite difficult, which is why I chose to only straight stitch the edge instead of the typical satin stitch. I remember when I appliqued my niece’s dragonfly onesie, I had to walk away, several times.

I also whipped up a few burp cloths so he can spit-up in style! The tops are printed flannel, the middle is cotton batting and the bottom is a coordinating corduroy.

The radiant mama-to-be showing off her cuddling skills with a plush elephant.

I have a onesie left over, the pack came with 8. Originally it was going to be a sunflower, since Josh sells those on the farm as well; however, I’m pretty sure he would not be too keen on dressing his boy in flowers. I have other plans for that one and the little guy will receive it once he makes his way into the world!!

Images and content copyright © 2008-2011 Danielle R Limoge.

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Handmade Holiday – Felt Edition

Gifts have been given, recipients are happy! (insert big sigh of relief) Now it’s time to share!
Everyone was super excited over the felt food I made, myself included.  I thought about stuffing the toast to make it more 3d, but honestly, I just didn’t feel like it. I’m not all that excited about hand stitching a blanket stitch. Lame excuse, I know. But I think I may have redeemed myself with the bacon, which features both raw and cooked sides. (I used elastic to make it wavy)
Cecelia was most excited about her tea set, as was her mommy and my mom. In fact, I think this was the all around favorite. When staying at the cabin, Cece always helps Grammy with her morning tea. Now she has her own set, complete with an assortment of 6 *flavored* teas, tea wallet and lemon wedge. (I couldn’t figure out what the lemon wedge was missing (another layer of yellow) until now, so I may make her another one.
I really enjoy making felt food and since it has been received so well, I may end up making some for the site. I have plans to add several new goods, maybe play food will be one!

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Celebrating the Season

And I don’t mean babies in mangers, fat men dressed in red or trees lit up like a four alarm fire. I’m talking about Old Man Winter. I decided a very long time ago that I was not going to buy into this whole decorating for the holidays hoopla. I mean seriously, bins of stuff that serves no other purpose than to take up space, except for one month a year when it is proudly displayed and collecting dust. So not my thing. Besides, my mother gets all “Martha Stewart” and decorates enough for my entire family combined, so she can have my share…just so long as it stays on her side of the river!
I have a wreath on my front door that is sufficient for three out of four seasons. About three weeks ago I got a bug up my ass and decided I needed something winter-ish. After a quick google search I found several options that appealed to my minimalist ideals. All I needed were a few pine cones, a bit of festive ribbon, some floral wire and…. Ta-Da!
It’s hard to see in the pictures but the ribbon has a nature theme. I had just enough to hang nine pine cones. Since I could not make a decent knot, due to the bulk from all that ribbon, I decided to shorten one of the long strands and use it to tie everything together. With a quick snip of the scissors I cut a triangular notch out of each top. Not only did this reduce the bulk but it also allowed for ease in un-bunching everything. The wire served as an anchor to feed the ribbon through at the top since my pine cones did not all have stems. Overall I’m very pleased with how it turned out!

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Halloween-ish Trade

My cousin Nic is a stylist. Every 4-6 months I track her down for a cut. In return for her services I make clothing for her little girl Sky. You may remember reading this post from several months ago…aka, my last bit of haircut-crafting. Sky LOVED her kitty skirt! Actually she loves all things kittys so when I asked if she’d like me to create ears and a tail for her she lit up!

Since Halloween is right around the corner and I have no plans on trekking across the river till next month I sent Sky’s “kitty parts” home with my mom since she will be stopping into the salon Monday. I had CeCe model them for me since I won’t be snapping a picture of Sky in them any time soon.

The ears were made from wool felt. I picked up a few kiddo headbands last week and when stitching the ears I left the bottom open so I could slip them on. The plastic “teeth” keep them in place quite nicely!

For the tail I started with a brown cotton tube and twisted a few pipe cleaners together to make it bendable. I then stuffed it with a bit of poly-fill and attached it to a strap that is then tied around the waist. CeCe really liked wearing it so I may end up making her one too!

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Her Kingdom for a Tutu

Just so long as it’s purple.

Blowing pixy dust kisses.

Every little girl needs a tutu. I made Cecelia’s with elastic, so she could put it on herself, and 4 yards of shimmery tulle. She loved it and I loved watching her frolic around in it! You can find the no-sew tutorial here.

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