About Danielle

I’m a 30-something, free-spirited, nature lover, residing in a small town located in Amish Country, Pa. I really enjoy the slower pace of life found here against a backdrop of rolling hills and patchwork fields. I am very passionate about creating, whether it’s clothing in my studio or a mess in my kitchen!

Floyd Fest 2007

Our booth at night (photo credit – Justine of PotomacRiverGoods)

Booth Mamas’ – Justine, Nature and I

Rothbury Music Festival 2008

Justine and I on the road.

The Rothbury booth, a collaboration of PotomacRiverGoods, PixyPatch and HomeSown.

My last festival, Philly Folk, was in 2009. I’m just not sure what my future in vending holds; with my life’s focus shifting to growing my food, the time needed to build inventory is not available like it was several years ago. Then, add unpredictable weather (be it spirit-crushing humidity or bone-chilling rain) and vending can just plain suck at times! Truth be told, I’d rather be in the crowd enjoying the music than stuck in the booth listening from a distance! But there sure is something to be said about hanging out with your sisters, selling your threads!  🙂

For a glimpse of what goes on inside the rest of my “bubble” be sure to check out my other blogs:




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