GIANT Bubbles

Last weekend, I had a sleepover with my favorite four-year old.  We ran through sprinklers, dug in the dirt, chased lightning bugs, enjoyed homemade Philadelphia-style vanilla ice cream, and made gigantic bubbles!

I first learned of these magnificent beauties last year when my friend, Tree, posted about them on her blog.  When I saw how easily they were created I just knew I had to try them out!

As you can see, I was really good at making them; Cecelia was really good at popping them!

To make giant bubbles you will need:

2 dowel rods

100% cotton piping (I crocheted a 100″ chain from cotton yarn)

2 screw-in eye hooks

1 metal washer (to act as a weight)


bubble solution and several healthy squirts of dish soap

a deep pan to hold the solution (I used a 9×9 foil baking pan)

Screw one eye hook into the top of each dowel rod.  Tie one end of the cord to one of the eye hooks, feed the other end through the remaining eye hook; slip the washer onto the cord and then tie the remaining loose end onto the eye hook where you first started.  Tah-dah!  You got yourself a bona fide giant-bubble-making-wand.  Saturate the cording in the bubble solution and blow baby blow!

As you can see by the numerous “costume changes” we did this every day! hahaha

And here I am explaining the finer points in solution swishing!

Images and content copyright © 2008-2011 Danielle R Limoge.



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11 responses to “GIANT Bubbles

  1. so cool, i’d love to try it!

    but what exactly is “bubble stuff” or “bubble solution” you referred to?


  2. Do you have to use Dawn? I am going to buy supplies at the hardware store today!

  3. So glad they turned out well! What bubble solution did you use? Did you just wing it, or follow one of the recipes? i love the picture that is straight on! So cool!

  4. Allen

    The pictures and the bubbles are wonderful and it looks like Cecelia had a good time with them.

  5. Oh how cool! Those bubbles are great! I’m amazed at how vibrant the colors are. So fun. 🙂

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