I’m Back… with a Give Away!

You can call off search and rescue, I’m still alive!  Buried, but still breathing!  I try to maintain a certain level of perspective, but when you have mason jars full of garlic scapes, endless quarts of strawberries, and 5 gallons of just-picked peas all staring you down it can get a bit overwhelming!  And that is just the tip of the garden harvest; don’t get me started on the beets that need pulled, lettuces that need washed, and summer seeds and transplants that need attention!

This year my experiment with garden mulch has proven to be worth its weight in gold, or in my case, time!  Up until the past few days I was able to spend a good bit of quality time in my studio behind my machines!  I seem to always have a never-ending pile of clothes to mend/alter, UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) tucked away in cabinets and random projects just waiting to be brought to fruition!  Then there’s the shop and website…which brings me to my latest sewing endeavor!

Expressly Local Food, a Lancaster shop specializing in organic and locally grown food, offers locally roasted coffee, baked goods, bulk items, canned preserves, and my fabric totes and mesh produce bags!  (Along with a few other Pixy Patch items!)  I wanted to make sure the shop was well stocked before I let the cat out of the bag on the blog and websites!

That’s right, I am now offering MESH PRODUCE BAGS!!!  This is something that has been in the works for quite some time!  There is just too much single-use plastic floating around, mainly in bodies of water and buried in landfills!  By using these sturdy, lightweight, reusable mesh bags you are eliminating the need for the disposable plastic ones found at the food store!  I have three sizes available, S-M-L, all made from durable mesh netting, featuring a stylish fabric casing and hand-crocheted drawstring.

…and now for the give away!!  I am offering one of my fabulous blog readers a set of 3 reusable mesh produce bags!  For your chance to win leave a comment telling me what you would fill your produce bags with.  For me it’s usually lemons (for making fresh-squeezed lemonade), garlic and onions!  For additional entries you can do one or all of the following: repost this give away on facebook, friend PixyPatch on facebook, reblog the give away, or sign up to follow Twisted Threads!  For each one you do be sure to leave a separate comment.  You must complete the mandatory entry first though!  I will use the all-knowing Random Number Generator to select the winner.  Give away ends June 22nd at 11:59 pm EST!  Good luck and thanks for reading!!  🙂

This Contest is now closed!   A big Thank You to everyone that entered, the all-knowing number generator selected comment #11 from Tree as it’s winner!

Images and content copyright © 2008-2011 Danielle R Limoge.



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33 responses to “I’m Back… with a Give Away!

  1. Michele N.

    These bags are awesome! I would fill them with veggie goodness from our local farm stand, most likely cucumbers & green peppers since we didn’t plant those this year :o)

  2. I am also following Twisted Threads! Thanks!!

  3. I love these bags!! I would fill mine with spinach, kale and peas!

  4. You know I’m a big fan of everything you make…..but I love these bags! I have several I take to the grocery with me but no mesh ones which would be great to tote grapes, kiwi’s and bananas home in! Hope I win!

  5. Judy Alderden

    I’m following Twisted Threads…….

  6. Judy Alderden

    I’m already your friend 🙂

  7. Judy Alderden

    You’re posted on my FB wall!

  8. Judy Alderden

    I’m not sure – what’s the purpose? Do they go in the fridge or in a drawer or on the counter mainly to keep the produce from rolling all over? They suspiciously look a lot like the bags I wash my nylons in 🙂

    OK, I’ll store onions, potatoes, & oranges in them.

  9. I would give my bags to my local farm where I get my CSA share from so instead of them giving me leafy greens in plastic, they can put ’em in my new mesh bag!

    I didn’t want to Log In with my FB account…you can find me and the wall post promoting this give-a-way at http://www.facebook.com/maysplayce

  10. i follow your blog/email subscriber! enchantedtree(at)hotmail.com

  11. i’m a fan on facebook! enchantedtree(at)hotmail.com

  12. i shared on facebook and tagged you in the post! enchantedtree(at)hotmail.com

  13. i would fill my bag with local apples from the farmers market. thanks for the chance!

  14. Casey

    I’ve shared this giveaway on my facebook page =)

  15. Casey

    I am a friend of Pixy Patch on facebook♥

  16. Casey

    I follow Twisted Threads 🙂

  17. Casey

    How lovely!
    ~Swiss Chard!

  18. I would fill one with potatoes, one with mushrooms, and one would probably be devoted to gathering all the crap my kids drop whenever we go somewhere.

  19. I’m a friend of Tree’s (Enchanted Tree) and saw your giveaway… I have been wanting to add produce bags to my stash of reusables for a while now. I’m always on the hunt for fresh, local produce here in the NW Florida Panhandle so they could hold anything from new potatoes to squash and pole beans.

    I also sent a friend request via FB and am sharing it with my friends as well!

  20. Amy

    I follow Twisted Threads!

  21. Amy

    I am a friend of Pixy Patch on facebook.

  22. Amy

    I love these bags. I’m actually moving to the Lancaster area at the end of the month I definitely need to check out Expressly Local Food. I would be filling these wonderful bags with sweet potatoes, onions and whatever fruit that is in season 🙂

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