For the Wee One

Today, I braved the 40 mph gusts of wind and horizontal rain to head to the farm for Kristi’s baby shower. Kristi is Farmer Josh’s wife, they are expecting their first child, a son, who will make his debut the end of June. I’m very excited for my friends, they are going to be incredible parents!

For the “Lil’ Farmer to Be’s” gift I decided to applique a pack of onesies featuring some of the produce his daddy sells. Maneuvering newborn sized clothing under my machine proved to be quite difficult, which is why I chose to only straight stitch the edge instead of the typical satin stitch. I remember when I appliqued my niece’s dragonfly onesie, I had to walk away, several times.

I also whipped up a few burp cloths so he can spit-up in style! The tops are printed flannel, the middle is cotton batting and the bottom is a coordinating corduroy.

The radiant mama-to-be showing off her cuddling skills with a plush elephant.

I have a onesie left over, the pack came with 8. Originally it was going to be a sunflower, since Josh sells those on the farm as well; however, I’m pretty sure he would not be too keen on dressing his boy in flowers. I have other plans for that one and the little guy will receive it once he makes his way into the world!!

Images and content copyright © 2008-2011 Danielle R Limoge.


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