Earth Day Give Away – The MUST Factor of Fabric Bags

I really can’t say enough about the positive implications of using fabric bags! Here are a few reasons why we should “just say NO” to their disposable plastic cousins!

★ Plastic bags are made from polyethylene, which is derived from crude oil and natural gas, both of which are dwindling in supply. These are valuable nonrenewable resources, it is irresponsible to waste them on the production of disposable bags.

★ Only 1% of plastic bags end up being recycled. Due to their light weight nature and poor quality it takes more energy to recycle them than it does to produce new ones.

★ Plastic bags contribute to the loss of life! Not only do they pose a suffocation risk to small children and pets, but they are consumed by wildlife on both land and in the sea. Birds become tangled in them, often resulting in strangulation; sea creatures eat them causing health problems and death.

★ Did you know that it takes approximately 1000 years for a plastic bag to degrade back into the soil? Our landfills are full of enough trash, why are we adding more?

Now for the GIVE AWAY!
 For your chance to win you must complete the mandatory entry first.  


Mandatory entry, leave a comment on this post. For additional entries you can do ANY OR ALL of the following:

Friend Pixy Patch on Facebook, repost this on your Facebook page, then comment letting me know you did so.

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The winner, which will be chosen on April, 22th, Earth Day, has their pick of any fabric shopping tote on my site. To parooz the available selection just visit my website, PixyPatch!

This give away is now CLOSED and the winner has been selected

Congrats Liz!! You have 48 hours to respond and select your bag. If I don’t hear back another winner will be chosen.

And now I leave you with an awesome parody about plastic bags!

Images and content copyright © 2008-2011 Danielle R Limoge.



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18 responses to “Earth Day Give Away – The MUST Factor of Fabric Bags

  1. Shannon

    I’m a FB friend…and sharing the link right now.

  2. Shannon

    Happy Earth Day!!! One can never have enough fabric bags…we use them for everything. 🙂

  3. People used to look at me funny when I showed up with my cloth bags, but they’re getting used to it. If you can believe it, I’ve actually worn one of my cloth bags out! It’s beyond patching, since the original fabric won’t hold a patch anymore. *sigh*

    Happy Earth Day.

    -Sailor Figment

    PS: already friends on Facebook, signed up for updates, and reposted this on FB.

  4. Kathi Weiss

    I love my fabric bags. Wouldn’t use anything else.


  5. Following, already your friend on facebook, and reposting!!!

  6. Liz McElheny

    I subscribed to Twisted Threads!

  7. Liz McElheny

    I shared this on my F/B page!

  8. Liz McElheny

    We love using fabric bags – They are awesome to use at the market!

  9. i’m a friend on facebook and i shared the link with my friends!


  10. tweeted!


  11. i’m an email subscriber!


  12. i’m subscribed to your RSS via Google reader!


  13. Hello, my name is tree and i have a tote bag addiction. lol. i LOVE my fabric tote bags, and use them everywhere. thanks for the chance!


  14. Tiffany Shue

    I never go shopping without my fabric bags… they are so much easier to carry too!

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