I can tell that we are gonna be friends.

Meet Jedi, my new house mate.

She came to live with me the end of February when my friend, Chris, made his big move across the pond. This has been a dream in the making for several years; after acquiring his Irish citizenship last year the time had come for him to get serious about his plan!

In no time at all he secured an IT position in Galway, Ireland; this gave him about a month to get his affairs in order. Translation, find a home for your crap, find a home for you cat. Since Jedi is a Boston Kitty (JP specifically) I started asking all my beantown connections. No one knew of anyone looking for a furry friend, so it was decided she would be placed into a no-kill shelter (since international animal travel requires a 6 month quarantine). Having severe future cat-lady tendencies, this did not sit well with me, so I decided to care for her till she makes the move to Ireland, which will be early Fall.

As a sort of going away gift and to hopefully alleviate some of the anxiety from leaving his friend of 10 years behind, Jedi and I had a photo shoot. Here are some of my favorites!

Yeah, so remember this post? The post in which I was so adamant about not having any more furry feet in my house, that I went ahead and made my duvet cover; lets just say that Jedi is ALL OVER IT, literally! Sigh, I am such a disciplinarian.

Images and content copyright © 2008-2011 Danielle R Limoge.



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3 responses to “I can tell that we are gonna be friends.

  1. Welcome to your new home, happy kitty!

  2. Nice of you to help your friend, Jedi looks lovely.

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