For a “Deer” Little Girl

Two weekends ago I ventured to the ‘burg to a land full of blow-up slides and screaming children for my niece’s 4th birthday party. Clearly, I’d do anything for that little girl, and I now have a wicked chest cold to prove it!

For the past two+ years Cecelia has been OBSESSED with deers. Every time my mom calls my brother’s house to talk to CeCe you hear her in the background (nowhere near the phone) “Grammy, did you see any deers?”. This first thing she said when she came to stay overnight at my house “Aunt DD, maybe we will see some deers” My reply “No. Cece, most likely we will see cows.” She replied “But MAYBE we will see some deers.” Gotta love her persistent nature!

So, in honor of her special day I could make her nothing less than…a deer dress!

To her, everything is a family (of 3). So I have a Dada Deer, a Mama Deer and a Baby Deer.

Even though she was a bit over whelmed with the going-ons of her party, I could see she loved her dress. Her eyes got real big and she looked at the family of deers…then moved onto the next toy. haha Gotta love 4 year olds! I was delighted to hear that later on that evening she was chattering on about her deer dress. I can’t wait to see her in it! She is going through a dress phase, so of course I had to compete and create the dress she would want to wear everyday! hehe I think I won that challenge! AND I hand dyed the hemp to boot!

I was also delighted to see some other handmade gifts. Her Grandma (Krystal’s mom) made some super cute strawberries and a box to keep them in, and her Mamaw made a matching nightgown for her and baby! Yay for handmades!!!

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2 responses to “For a “Deer” Little Girl

  1. Oh, i LOVE the dress!! You did a fabulous job!! i really love the dye job on the hemp fabric. Very pretty.

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