Spa Treatment Give Away

Old man winter has been unleashing his furry across the North East slamming us with back to back storms, now he’s brought ice. Lots and lots of ice. My sensitive skin has been on the loosing side of this continual battle, or at least that was the case up until about a week ago.

Determined to create a body butter that not only glides on smooth, but is readily absorbed into the skin, I began digging through my herbal supply closet. Finally, after a few test batches I finally designed a creamy body butter that both my skin and I are happy with; plus it’s vegan to boot!

This delicate formula hovers right around the melting point so I’m going to have to change it up a bit if I want to be able to offer it year round. I can foresee a melted mess during peak summer postal travels! I think the addition of calendula wax will give it just the extra stability it needs while still keeping it vegan friendly!

For the past 5 years I’ve been toying around with the idea of offering gift baskets filled with an assortment of my organic herbal goods. I thought what better way to kick-start this idea than to offer a mini spa set to one lucky blog reader.

This mini *Weekend Spa Getaway* set includes the following: a Shimmering Body Butter (1 oz jar), a Patchouli Lavender Sea Salt Body Scrub (1 oz jar) and one tube of Pixy Kisses lip balm in the flavor of your choosing. A tube of my regular Pixy Patch lip balm may be substituted should you prefer a non-shimmering balm.

For your chance to win you must complete the mandatory entry first. Mandatory entry, leave a comment on this post. For additional entries you can do any or all of the following: friend Pixy Patch on Facebook, repost this on your Facebook page, then comment letting me know you did so. Sign up to follow Twisted Threads with your preferred RSS reader, then leave a comment stating you did so. If you already follow this blog just comment letting me know what reader you use. Sign up to receive email notices when new posts are available, then comment letting me know you did so. Retweet this post, leave a comment including your Twitter id. Reblog this post, leave a comment letting me know you did so.

That’s 7 possible chances to win. The contest will end February 11 at midnight. The winner will be chosen shortly there after using’s number generator. Good Luck!

****CONGRATS  Raina Rose!’s number generator selected comment #10 as the winner! Thank you all for participating and stay tuned because I’ve got another fantastic give away right around the corner!



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42 responses to “Spa Treatment Give Away

  1. Denise Flynn

    Would love to try your Lip Balm……….

    Enjoy reading your blogs and your FB post.

  2. Amy Ring

    facebook friend too!

  3. yummy…this looks amazing! love patchouli!!

  4. Casey

    signed up to receive email notifications =))))))

  5. Casey

    Shared on facebook 🙂

  6. Casey

    facebook fan!

  7. Casey

    Wonderful giveaway 🙂

  8. Elizabeth McElheny

    So excited to try these products! I have heard so many great things about them!

  9. Michele

    This giveaway is fabulous!! The Patchouli Lavender body scrub sounds delightful, my two favorite scents :o)

  10. Amy Ring

    Signed up to receive email notifications!

  11. Amy Ring

    This is awesome! I would love to win!

  12. Kimberly Wiselogle

    tweeted. :O)

  13. Kimberly Wiselogle

    signed up for your email subscription. :O)

  14. Kimberly Wiselogle

    subscribed to your blog with the RSS feed. (with the orange one) Is that blogger?? I’ve never signed up for a blog like this before. lol :O)

  15. Oh wow I would love to try out this set!

  16. Kimberly Wiselogle

    I posted on FB about your give away!! :O)

  17. Kimberly Wiselogle

    YUMMY!!!! This sounds SO WONDERFUL!!!! Especially, since I’m about to go outside into the elements to bust some ice off of my driveway. :O)
    Thanks for the chance to win!! :o)

  18. Lori Norris

    Signed up to follow: )

  19. Lori Norris

    Posted on FB.

  20. Lori Norris

    Fantastic giveaway.I love Patchouli and Lavender.

  21. Christina

    I shared your giveaway on my facebook!

  22. Christina

    Oh wow! I am very intrigued with the shimmering body butter! Sounds heavenly!

  23. i shared on facebook, not sure how to post the link to it.


  24. Tweeted!


  25. i’m subscribed to your RSS via google reader!


  26. Awesome giveaway Danielle! The Patchouli Lavender Sea Salt Body Scrub sounds fabulous!! Thank you for the chance!


  27. Christine Kitson

    …aaaaand signed up for emails LOL.
    I don’t tweet, so I guess that is it!
    Beautiful duvet by the way!!

    • Thanks! At one point I thought the duvet was going to be the death of me! Finding a space to lay out over 100″ of fabric was difficult! I ended up doing all kinds of balancing acts!

  28. Christine Kitson

    Subscribed to blog!!

  29. Christine Kitson

    Posted on Facebook!!!

  30. Christine Kitson

    Hope I win 🙂

  31. i heart body scrub & lip balm!

  32. Kate Prejean

    And subscribed using live bookmarks 🙂

  33. Kate Prejean

    Also posted on FB

  34. Kate Prejean

    Signed up for email notices!

  35. Kate Prejean

    Yay! Sign me up 🙂

  36. Meghan Stelzer

    Your herbals look heavenly! 🙂 Would love to try them out!

  37. Jaime Cool

    signed up to recieve emails notices

  38. Jaime Cool

    Told everyone on FB

  39. Jaime Cool

    ohhhhhhhhh YUMMY!
    me wants to win!!
    i will be sure n let my sis know about this too!!

  40. Kim McAdams

    I LOVE all of your herbal goodies…so heeeerrrreeee’s my comment! I sure hope I win 😀

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