Riding the High

Tonight, I had a moment of creative clarity. What’s even better is that I was able to simultaneously harness and then execute it. That rarely happens, especially in the same moment. My brain is a constant swirly mess of designs, visions and ideas. Seriously, this type of fluid creativity happens for me about twice a year. In that exact moment my spine straightened, I drew in a breath and my head cleared. I was essentially high. It. Was. Awesome. I constantly carry around a mini tablet in anticipation of moments just like this and I am unable to bring that creative surge into fruition.

For me, the creative process is something that is  labored and then birthed. It does not come easy. I create a lot of things, every once in a while I create art. Not that a blog banner is  in any way art, but it came together in the same exactness that previous works have. It was easy. Crop-clip-flip, repeat. It’s clean, concise and exactly how it appeared in my head.

Several years ago Jason and I stayed up all night creating pieces for the Lancaster Summer Arts Festival. The whole time I was high on creativity; it was incredible. The best part was my submission made it into the main room and his was placed in the side room. Jason is an amazing artist and to know that something I created was so well received blew my mind. It still does.

The photograph I selected was taken by Justine, while vending the Rothburry Music Festival in 2008. I modified the colors, then manipulated the image in photoshop to create the banner you see now. I remember that moment and all I was experiencing. I was standing in a field, gazing at a pond, feeling completely at peace, just taking everything in…which she captured precisely. Thank you Justine!



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2 responses to “Riding the High

  1. Justine

    What a great time we had! Cute new spot here on the web, but the ads BLOW!

    • Thanks and Rothbury was AWESOME! Where do you see ads? Is it in your RSS feed? I don’t see any on this site or on my One Green Tomato blog. Maybe you only see ads if you don’t have a wordpress account?

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