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Planets and Their Perfect Alignment

Astronomy, yes. Astrology, not so much. With correct wording and just a touch of vagueness anyone can find truth and meaning in their horoscope. I always take my predictions with a grain of salt.

Here is what the stars have in store for me for the upcoming year.

Libra Outlook for 2011 Overview
Oh the lessons you have endured over the course of 2010. You’re not the same people-pleasing darling you were a mere 12 months ago. On the contrary darling — you are in the midst of a powerful process of cultivating the kind of backbone that makes greatness. Thanks to big daddy Saturn you’re learning your lessons well in relinquishing laziness, strengthening discipline, and realizing your authority. You’re taking yourself more seriously in the arenas where it matters most

Relationships bring plenty of passion, drama and unexpected plot twists especially during the spring. By the time May rolls around you’ll be dealing with an unprecedented amount of planetary energy firing up your relationship sector. With six planets including Venus, your ruler and Jupiter, the planet of abundance lining up in your partnership sector you’ll be anything but lonely. The challenge lies in staying true to your own needs without getting lost in the persuasive me-me-me demands of your significant others.

Although some of Saturn’s lessons will weigh in on a heavier note and perhaps depriving you of any former easy-outs or shortcuts, you have the uncanny ability to take it all in stride. There’s something to be said for the inherent Libran laid-back approach to life’s challenges. But under current planetary duress you may join the ranks of the stressful millions in your quest for regaining inner peace and unshakable equilibrium. Forever striving for that elusive balance, you’re being put through the cosmic ringer when it comes to finding and holding your own with others. But you will get there Libra — just you wait and see!

Year 2011 Career
You’re still revamping your true vocational calling by cutting out all of the extraneous little side-jobs that once ate up so much of your precious time. The final days of the North Node in your career sector at the start of 2011 give you one last prodding to determine your own true north. No longer can you beg the question. Fence sitting in all aspects of your life is quickly becoming an extinct option, especially when it comes to your work. By nature you’re indecisive but 2011 is the year for commitment. Put your doubts aside and just get on with what you do best: bringing more beauty and harmony to everything you touch. At the end of the day, you’re an artist — and that’s that.

Although you may still be saddled with your fair share of responsibilities, you’re finally able to see the forest through the trees and get a grip on the bigger career picture. You prefer any work that involves socializing, utilizing your creative and intellectual talents and of course flirting your heart out. This is why sitting behind an isolated desk doing menial tasks will just never rock your world. You’re finally coming to terms with saying no to anything you consider a giant waste of your time, and you can thank Saturn for that. Adding to the planetary support to align work with soul, Neptune, the planet of glamour and dreams enters your work sector this April through August. It shall then again return in 2012 to stay for an extended 14-year ride, making sure that you absolutely adore what you do. This is a wonderful opportunity to find meaning and inspiration in your work.

Year 2011 Romantic
Co-dependency be damned, Libra! You’ve had your fill of accommodating every wish, desire and need of your mate to your own detriment. You’re also finished with sugarcoating the truth and resorting to passive-aggressive tactics to get your needs met. For a sign that prefers balance, such extreme give and no take throws your scales way off kilter. The imbalance can no longer be ignored or justified. The rules of the game have changed and you’ve learned to just say no. Saturn has been working hard on rebalancing the karmic scales and forcing you to draw some serious lines in order to regain important equilibrium in your partnerships. Relationships continue to be a major priority this year Libra, but topping this list is the relationship you have with number one. Falling in love with yourself and being true to your needs is no longer a luxury but a dire necessity.

You’ve survived enough painful romantic disillusionments to last you a lifetime during Neptune’s spell in your romantic sector over the past fourteen years. Of course falling in love certainly has it’s high points but the crash after the reality check gets to be too much after enough heart-break repeats. The good news is that Neptune leaves your romantic sector for good allowing you to once again trust your perceptions when choosing your match. Love is especially in the air when Venus enters Libra in late September and early October, just in time to guarantee a wonderfully amorous birthday season.


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Handmade Holiday – Sewing Edition

My mother’s birthday happens to fall nine days before Christmas, so technically this is not “Holiday” sewing. However, it still lies within the month of December so I’m including it.
Several years ago my mom and I were paroozing the isles of one of our favorite local quilt shops. She ended up finding several “can not live without” fabric prints, mostly of the nature persuasion. She was going to make a table runner with them. Fast forward two years and that vision had yet to be executed. This is where I step in.
Mom “Hey Dee”
Me “yes?”
Mom “I have this fabric and never got around to making anything with it. Would you want to make me a table runner for my birthday?”
Me “Well, seeing as how I was going to make you one in the first place and now I don’t have to go and buy fabric, you betcha!”
I used a strip piecing method for the patchwork. Initially it was going to be alternating blocks of small and large patchwork. Mid way through I completely changed direction and added a pattern by switching up the order of the blocks.
To be quite honest I’m not all that happy with it. I think the orange over powers the entire piece. My mother on the other had was beyond ecstatic and my step-father also really liked it. Just so long as she is happy, that is what counts…but I still don’t care for it! haha
This table that the runner currently resides on is huge. I had somewhat of a difficult time getting the backing to lay flat and not wrinkle as I was cutting it out on the floor. I just should have sucked it up and went into my crawlspace and brought down the leaf insert to my dining room table giving me the extra work space. Once I had the two pieces sewn together and turned right side out, I top stitched the edge. Really what I should have done was quilt the layers together. Damn you hindsight! This would have solved my wrinkles but then I would have had to make edge binding, which I don’t like to do…well, it’s the stitch in a ditch part I don’t like. Oh well, maybe next year’s runner will be a quilted piece! Or better yet, I’ll just make her matching place mats!

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Handmade Holiday – Jewelry Edition

During the time span of age ten through fifteen I was really into friendship bracelets. I had a collection of DMC embroidery floss that would rival any big box craft store. While in high school and college my preferred jewelry medium was hemp. I remember sitting in my room between classes twisting up a few heady pieces while listening to the sweet sounds of the 60’s and 70’s. Now my focus has shifted to gemstones and wire.

I really enjoyed creating this jewelry for the intended recipients, despite having to dismantle a few pieces, several times. There is one change I’d still like to make to the amethyst necklace but seeing as how my sister-in-law loved it, I’ll just let it go.

Jasper & Tigers Eye bracelet for my mom.

Amethyst butterfly necklace for my sister-in-law.

Jasper & Moon Stone coyote necklace for my niece. (she selected the pendent during this adventure)
The pictures turned out a bit too dark for my liking, but it’s just too cold for shooting outside in natural light. I really need to build a light box. I also need to get started on my cold frames for the upcoming planting season. I’d like to have both projects finished by mid Feb. Lets see if it gets done!

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Handmade Holiday – Felt Edition

Gifts have been given, recipients are happy! (insert big sigh of relief) Now it’s time to share!
Everyone was super excited over the felt food I made, myself included.  I thought about stuffing the toast to make it more 3d, but honestly, I just didn’t feel like it. I’m not all that excited about hand stitching a blanket stitch. Lame excuse, I know. But I think I may have redeemed myself with the bacon, which features both raw and cooked sides. (I used elastic to make it wavy)
Cecelia was most excited about her tea set, as was her mommy and my mom. In fact, I think this was the all around favorite. When staying at the cabin, Cece always helps Grammy with her morning tea. Now she has her own set, complete with an assortment of 6 *flavored* teas, tea wallet and lemon wedge. (I couldn’t figure out what the lemon wedge was missing (another layer of yellow) until now, so I may make her another one.
I really enjoy making felt food and since it has been received so well, I may end up making some for the site. I have plans to add several new goods, maybe play food will be one!

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Celebrating the Season

And I don’t mean babies in mangers, fat men dressed in red or trees lit up like a four alarm fire. I’m talking about Old Man Winter. I decided a very long time ago that I was not going to buy into this whole decorating for the holidays hoopla. I mean seriously, bins of stuff that serves no other purpose than to take up space, except for one month a year when it is proudly displayed and collecting dust. So not my thing. Besides, my mother gets all “Martha Stewart” and decorates enough for my entire family combined, so she can have my share…just so long as it stays on her side of the river!
I have a wreath on my front door that is sufficient for three out of four seasons. About three weeks ago I got a bug up my ass and decided I needed something winter-ish. After a quick google search I found several options that appealed to my minimalist ideals. All I needed were a few pine cones, a bit of festive ribbon, some floral wire and…. Ta-Da!
It’s hard to see in the pictures but the ribbon has a nature theme. I had just enough to hang nine pine cones. Since I could not make a decent knot, due to the bulk from all that ribbon, I decided to shorten one of the long strands and use it to tie everything together. With a quick snip of the scissors I cut a triangular notch out of each top. Not only did this reduce the bulk but it also allowed for ease in un-bunching everything. The wire served as an anchor to feed the ribbon through at the top since my pine cones did not all have stems. Overall I’m very pleased with how it turned out!

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A Recent Trade with Jam Band Junkie’s Tie Dye

For the past year I’ve been squirreling away an amazing sheet set made from a velvety soft cotton. My plan was to dye them using a low water immersion technique, but who knows when that project would actually take place. It just so happens that Laurel, of Jam Band Junkie’s Tie Dye, works with sheets, so I emailed her to see if she was interested in a trade. Guess what? She was!

Laurel was fond of a patchy strip skirt I made a few years back. She was interested in having one created in a similar style but in earthy Fall colors. Not a problem! I opened my fabric vaults and started matching up prints.

Pictured below is Laurel’s finished skirt. I think it turned out really cute and she loved it! I can’t wait to receive a picture of her smiling face sporting her Pixy Patch skirt!

For my sheet set I selected a pallet of brown and blue. I love brown and blue, too bad my bedroom and pink and green. Yes, pink. I loathe pink. Growing up every house I lived in I had a pink bedroom simply because little girls are supposed to be suffocated in fluffy cute pinkness. I was a straight up Tom-boy and pink was so not my thing. Finally when I entered high school my mother let me choose the color for my new bedroom. I selected green and accented with yellow. The room at my father’s house was still pink. Ugh!

While the sheets do not match a thing in my room I love them regardless! My plan is to make a quilt or duvet cover this winter in cream and brown, since there is a wee bit of brown in the wall paper and my bed skirt is brown. I’ve been holding off on quilting since I sucked at keeping my cat off my bed. If I am going to invest some serious time in creating a quilt I’ll be damned if it’s going to be covered in cat hair! Since I no longer have inside animals I’d say I’ve got a green light for quilting!

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