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Happy Halloween

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Halloween-ish Trade

My cousin Nic is a stylist. Every 4-6 months I track her down for a cut. In return for her services I make clothing for her little girl Sky. You may remember reading this post from several months ago…aka, my last bit of haircut-crafting. Sky LOVED her kitty skirt! Actually she loves all things kittys so when I asked if she’d like me to create ears and a tail for her she lit up!

Since Halloween is right around the corner and I have no plans on trekking across the river till next month I sent Sky’s “kitty parts” home with my mom since she will be stopping into the salon Monday. I had CeCe model them for me since I won’t be snapping a picture of Sky in them any time soon.

The ears were made from wool felt. I picked up a few kiddo headbands last week and when stitching the ears I left the bottom open so I could slip them on. The plastic “teeth” keep them in place quite nicely!

For the tail I started with a brown cotton tube and twisted a few pipe cleaners together to make it bendable. I then stuffed it with a bit of poly-fill and attached it to a strap that is then tied around the waist. CeCe really liked wearing it so I may end up making her one too!

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