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Quote of the Season

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. 
-George Eliot


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Family Reunion 2.10

Every third weekend in September, my family heads West to Day’s End Farm, for a weekend full of food, fun and lots of R&R. This year’s attendance was about half due to lots of new babies born over the summer, but we still had an awesome time!

Nothing like sitting in front of a fire listening to stories of years past!
The keg-men, Jay and Jack.
Deer in the mist.
The mess hall.
Gator rides.
Cousin Nic and Mica.
I managed to make a new friend in a feral kitten…an no, I did not bring her home with me!

Sunday morning rainbow.

Nap Time
Liberty enjoying a quiet moment on the swing.
The girls and Brent, hangin’ in the hammock.
Best Friends!
Wanna kiss my bug?
Liberty and her bugs.
The bugs.
Yearly Family Photo
the *real* family photo!

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Her Kingdom for a Tutu

Just so long as it’s purple.

Blowing pixy dust kisses.

Every little girl needs a tutu. I made Cecelia’s with elastic, so she could put it on herself, and 4 yards of shimmery tulle. She loved it and I loved watching her frolic around in it! You can find the no-sew tutorial here.

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Making the Old New Again

Well, at least when it comes to pictures that is. This winter I’m planning a site overhaul. I thought I would get a jump on that overwhelming task by rephotographing some older inventory. By switching up images it keeps things looking fresh and new!

Since my free time is so limited I thought I’d start off small and first tackle my tea wallets. I grabbed a few tea related props and in between canner loads of peaches I started shooting. Definitely an improvement on the previously listed pictures of years past!




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