Jimi Aurthur Dylan

Yesterday I buried my best friend of 7 years.

Named in honor of our favorite musicians, and given the middle name of Aurthur, so Jason could call him Art, go figure, Jimi stole my heart the minute I laid eyes on him! Not wanting to separate him from his second cousin and life-mate, who would later become Janis Audrey Piaf, they both came to live with us.

Jason was completely annoyed with me when he thought I brought home a kitten. When he found out there were two he was pissed. Until I pulled them out of the box that is. Then I watched him instantly melt!

Rest in peace my “little” corn kitty. Weighing in at 20 pounds, you were one bad ass beast of a cat! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for seven years of unconditional love and countless hours of entertainment. You are truly and deeply loved and missed!


7/23/03 – 8/07/10



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4 responses to “Jimi Aurthur Dylan

  1. Thanks Tree! Loosing a pet is so hard because they are so much more than that. Cats are my favorite people…I've had rabies shots because of my love for animals! I'm sorry you lost your furry friends this year too!

  2. i'm so sorry Danielle. My heart is broken for you. i lost two cats i'd had for 10 years, within a week of each other earlier this year. It is the most horrible, sickening feeling, and yes, very surreal. Major hugs mama.

  3. Thanks sweet sister. My heart is so heavy it's exhausting. I keep thinking I am going to see him peeking around the corner or chillin' in the laundry basket. It's still so surreal.

  4. my heart is breaking for you, mama. many hugs and loves from our sweet miss millie (and us of course).

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