NEED. WANT. Plus a Give A Way!

Seriously, I NEED this fabric!! It was love at first sight and I want it, NOW! We are talking about organic cotton hemp blend, hand screen printed, limited edition, eco friendly inked awesomeness!
Available colorways:
Robins Egg on Cream
Deep Red on Unbleached
Gold on Cream
photos courtesy of Ink & Spindle

What color to select? Therein lies the problem, folks.
 I’m leaning towards the Robins Egg on Cream or the Gold on Cream simply because I already have an awesome mushroom print in a deep red.
Second setback, it’s wicked expensive. One cut is 70 X 50 cm which is approximately 27 X 19 inches. I need at least 2 cuts and with shipping that puts me back about $50. BUT, the super awesomeness is well worth the investment. At least that is what I keep telling myself. What to do, oh what to do.
Now onto the fun stuff for YOU!
It feels like forever since I last held a Give A Way, so what better time than the present? In appreciation of you, my lovely readers, I am offering up an Organic Lip Balm Trio in the flavors of your choosing, all found HERE, wrapped up in a handy reusable fabric bag, for TWO lucky readers!
To qualify, and there are multiple chances to do so, just leave me a comment. Second is to follow my blog or let me know you already do so. And third, be our friend on facebook. See, it’s Easy Peasy! Winners will be selected, at random, on Monday July 5th! Good Luck and a Happy 4th to you!!

The gods have smiled upon commenters #6 & 12.
Congrats Tree and Judy!! I will be contacting you for your lip balm choices and fabric bag color!
Thanks to all who entered! I love give a ways so be on the look out for another one in the near future!! Maybe an organic body oil next time around?? 🙂



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18 responses to “NEED. WANT. Plus a Give A Way!

  1. Wow! Who'da thunk? My choices for lip balm are Pixie kisses pink lemonade and island berry for 2 of my favorite little girls, & for myself, the regular pink lemonade. Any bag will do, but I'm partial to blue :)I'll email you my address.THANKS Danielle!!Judy

  2. I follow your blog (Jennifer Mo).ailanna at hotmail dot com

  3. Wow, I LOVE the fabric in robin's egg blue. My house is full of tree, twig, and leaf motifs. If this fabric were at Ikea for $6 a yard, I would totally make pillows.Oh, and I'm into lip balm, too. Who isn't?ailanna at hotmail dot com

  4. I'm a friend on facebook, a follower, and I'm leaving a comment because those lip balms look like they rock!!

  5. You always find the best fabrics!!! I love the gold fabric for fall

  6. …. and I befriended you on Facebook :)'twould be a lovely thing to have a few of your lip balms.

  7. ….. and following your blog for the wonderful lip balms 🙂

  8. I'm loving those aprons!

  9. That is awesome fabric!!!ty for this giveaway!!lizardsrphree@aol.comp.s. we are friends on fb too :)(Robin Motes)

  10. I'm a blog follower and a fb friend and a customer :)I definetly would go with the gold on yellow…. And your vanilla lip balm sounds delicious!!! Enter me enter me!! ❤

  11. Thanks for the kind words about my lip balms ladies. I too LOVE them!! I was away last weekend and realized I didn't have one in the bag I carried…my world about stopped! I had to buy one at the natural/health store in town. It totally sucked! hahaKatie, I have a thing for yellow too, but like Tree, I am leaning towards the blue.Tree, my favorite balms are the red raspberry and grape! I entered your give a ways too!

  12. i'm a friend on facebook!tree tiemeyer.enchantedtree(at)

  13. i follow your blog!enchantedtree(at)

  14. i love the Robins Egg on Cream! So pretty!i absolutely adore your pink lemonade lip balm…please enter me!i have two giveaways going on at my blog, one for the book Conscious kitchen and one for a playfood set…your niece may like? Stop by and enter!

  15. I love the gold fabric with the tree branches. I'm a sucker for yellows. I've been avoiding the fabric store, because I just purchase fabric and let it sit there for months. No good!

  16. sue

    hey mama… well, i'm entering your giveaway contest!!!! ((crossing fingers))peace and love!!

  17. i'm a follower & i LOVE your lip balms!

  18. I'm a follower. Love the fabric…but I love just about all fabric..yup, its an addiction!

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