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Wordless Wednesday – ICU


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Rules of Rural Pennsylvania

1. Let’s get this straight: it’s called a ‘dirt road.’ No matter how slow you drive, you’re going to get dust on your Lexus. Drive it or get out of the way.

2. They are cattle. They’re live steaks or walking milk bottles. That’s why they smell funny to you, get over it. Don’t like it? I-80 goes east and west, I-81 goes north and south. Pick one.

3. Pull your droopy pants up, you look like an idiot.

4. Turn your cap right, your head isn’t crooked.

5. So you have a $60,000 car, we’re impressed. We have $150,000 corn pickers and hay balers that are driven only 3 weeks a year.

6. Every person in rural Pennsylvania waves. We think of it as being friendly. Try to understand the concept.

7. If that cell phone rings while an 8-point buck and three does are coming in, we will shoot it out of your hand. You better hope you don’t have it up to your ear at the time.

8. Yeah, we eat scrapple, pot pie, funnel cakes, haluskie, pierogies, shoo-fly pie, apple butter, chow-chow, and schnitz un knepp. Don’t like the sound of them or the names freak you out because you never saw a “Bon Appetit” article on them? Great, more for us!

9. The ‘opener’ refers to the first day of deer season. It’s a religious holiday held on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

10. We open doors for women. That is applied to all women, regardless of age.

11. No, there’s no ‘vegetarian special’ on the menu. Order steak, or you can order the chef’s salad and pick off the 2 pounds of ham & turkey.

12. When we fill out a table, there are three main dishes: meats (includes fish), vegetables, and breads. We use four spices: salt, pepper, hot sauce, and Heinz ketchup. Oh, yeah…we don’t care what you folks in Jersey call that stuff you eat. It’s not real chili.

13. You bring ‘coke’ into my house, it better be brown, wet and served over ice.

14. You bring ‘Mary Jane’ into my house, she better be cute, know how to shoot, and have long hair.

15. College and high school football are as important here as the Steelers and Eagles and a lot more fun to watch.

16. Yeah, we have golf courses. But don’t hit the water hazards—it spooks the fish.

17. Colleges? We have them all over. We have state universities, community colleges, and vo-techs. They come outta there with an education plus a love for God and Country. They still wave at everybody when they come home for the holidays.

18. We have a whole ton of folks who have been in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard – PA has one of the highest percentages of veterans in the entire country. So don’t mess with us. If you do, you will get whipped by the best.

19. Turn down that blasted car stereo! That thumpity-thump-thump stuff is not music anyway. We don’t want to hear it anymore than we want to see your boxers. Refer back to # 3.

20. Four inches isn’t a blizzard–it’s a flurry. Drive like you got some sense, and don’t take all our bread, milk, and toilet paper from the grocery stores. Your’re not in Alaska. Worst case you may have to live a whole day without your croissants. The pickups with snow plows will have you out the next day.


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Wordless Wednesday – Historical Horse

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Listening Through

I have a list titled “Music to Purchase” which is just about as long as my “Crafting To Do & Learn” list. Last Sunday, thanks in part to Amazon’s music download specials, I happily crossed Carolina Chocolate Drops – Genuine Negro Jig and the Avett Brothers – I and Love and You off the list!

I have found both albums to be “listen straight through” recordings, which makes me a very happy girl! Nothing irkes me more than finding only one or two enjoyable songs aside from the released singles. I knew I would like CCD’s album because I so love me some string band music! The Avett Brothers I wasn’t so sure about. Of what I heard I liked but several people gave me very mixed reviews.

I would have to say that Cornbread and Butterbeans from CCD is among my favorite songs from Genuine Negro Jig.

As for the Avett Brothers, well, this was tough because I seriously LOVE the entire album. If pressed I would have to say “January Wedding” is my favorite song. What can I say banjos do it for me! haha

By the way, if you are a Broken Bells fan, Amazon is offering their self titled debut album for $5 the entire month of July. I’d be all over that if I didn’t have it already! James Mercer makes my heart go thump-thump, Thump-Thump, THUMP-THUMP!

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Wordless Wednesday – Jimi

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NEED. WANT. Plus a Give A Way!

Seriously, I NEED this fabric!! It was love at first sight and I want it, NOW! We are talking about organic cotton hemp blend, hand screen printed, limited edition, eco friendly inked awesomeness!
Available colorways:
Robins Egg on Cream
Deep Red on Unbleached
Gold on Cream
photos courtesy of Ink & Spindle

What color to select? Therein lies the problem, folks.
 I’m leaning towards the Robins Egg on Cream or the Gold on Cream simply because I already have an awesome mushroom print in a deep red.
Second setback, it’s wicked expensive. One cut is 70 X 50 cm which is approximately 27 X 19 inches. I need at least 2 cuts and with shipping that puts me back about $50. BUT, the super awesomeness is well worth the investment. At least that is what I keep telling myself. What to do, oh what to do.
Now onto the fun stuff for YOU!
It feels like forever since I last held a Give A Way, so what better time than the present? In appreciation of you, my lovely readers, I am offering up an Organic Lip Balm Trio in the flavors of your choosing, all found HERE, wrapped up in a handy reusable fabric bag, for TWO lucky readers!
To qualify, and there are multiple chances to do so, just leave me a comment. Second is to follow my blog or let me know you already do so. And third, be our friend on facebook. See, it’s Easy Peasy! Winners will be selected, at random, on Monday July 5th! Good Luck and a Happy 4th to you!!

The gods have smiled upon commenters #6 & 12.
Congrats Tree and Judy!! I will be contacting you for your lip balm choices and fabric bag color!
Thanks to all who entered! I love give a ways so be on the look out for another one in the near future!! Maybe an organic body oil next time around?? 🙂


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