Whaddya Think?

I decided it was time for a blog overhaul! It’s much less time consuming than revamping the website, which I have been putting off for MONTHS! Now that growing season is in full swing, it is probably going to have to wait till late fall early winter, and I am A-OK with that!!!

So what to do think of my new blog design and banner? I’m going to create several more banners to select from. I’m not really wild about this one, but for now it gets the job done!

I *think* I like the pictures I’ve selected but may change them up a bit or I may remove the brown layer and make that into a box for the pictures to be placed in. Who knows. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions??



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2 responses to “Whaddya Think?

  1. Thanks, you think so? I wasn't sure about my pictures. I think I may still tweak it a bit but like I said it works for now! I have too much going on to be spending extra time sitting around playing with photoshop!

  2. I love the background, but the banner is superb!

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