Want. Need.

I. Must. Have. This.
In all seriousness, if I have any adoring fans who feel the need to show their love for moi by purchasing this tea set, please feel free to do so. I will graciously accept your generous token of affection and fondly think of you every time I use it, which would be all the freakin’ time! Shit, I may even invite you over for an afternoon of tea and strawberry scones. Unless that is, you are super scary stalker boy. Then you’ll need to drop ship that to the post office. I’ll arange for someone to pick it up cause I ain’t telling you where I live, suckah!!
If you find that you currently do not have the wherewithal for gifting me the tea set, I will happily accept this serving bowl until your pennies are saved for my rainy day!

available at Creative with Clay

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