Memorial Day Weekend Highlights

Every year the ladies in my family get together for a girls weekend at the cabin. The gathering usually consists of great food, a bit of shopping and lots of lounging and laughing.  Here are some highlights from our adventures!

Saturday morning we visited a bison farm which turned out to be a bust. The bison are in a large field across the street from the real attraction, the tourist centered Native American gift shop! I ended up selecting a few hand cut stones to be made into necklaces for CeCe and myself along with a set of hand crafted silver studs. Grammy got Cecelia a beaded moccasin necklace.
Our next stop was the Colvin Covered Bridge, part of the Bedford County Covered Bridge Tour, which happened to be right down the road from the bison farm. There are 14 covered bridges in the county. Clearly someone can’t count or ended up receiving a great deal on a misnumbered plaque because it reads #15. Regardless, we can cross this one off our list!
Built in 1927, The Coffee Pot on the Lincoln Highway in Bedford, was where travelers would stop for a hot cup of joe and fill up. While it’s no longer a functioning service station it’s still an interesting piece of local history. 
Next it was onto the Jean Bennett Tavern for lunch and a wicked case of food poisoning! Note to self Do NOT order the portobello mushroom sandwich, as if we will be back any time soon. I’ve eaten there before and never had a problem, but when 2 out of 4 guests become violently ill the next day and the only deviation from the weekend menu was the portobellos you know something is not quite right!

Before the above mentioned went down we did enjoy feeding the resident goats. CeCe was not too sure about them at first, but once I showed her how it was done she had a blast! 

Our last stop took us into downtown Bedford where an antique street fair was taking place. By then it had become very hot and humid so we detoured into the local chocolate shop for some air conditioning and chocolate covered strawberries! Cecelia had fun swinging around the poles of the parking meters. Could this be her future employment, lets hope not! haha
We ended the day with a few drinks, a bonfire and smores. Below is an untouched photo showing off the picturesque sunset. Just look at how vibrant the sky was!

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