Major Annoyance

In the last 6 hours I’ve noticed the incorrect use of the word there three times. Granted I am not the best speller, nor do I claim to be. A big thank you to spell check and not the Catholic School System, especially for teaching me Whole Word and not Phonics. And yes, sometimes I may get a little overzealous with my comma usage. But damn it people, learn when to use your freakin’ homonyms!

Nothing sets me off into a fit rage as when someone misuses there, their and they’re. Weather, whether and wether really piss me off too!

If you get confused as to which, not witch, words to use do not fear help can be found HERE.

My mother is a grammar goddess. In her very polite Martha Stewart esk way she will inform you of the proper word you are looking for as well as the correct pronunciation. She use to even correct her teachers. I wish I would have inherited that wisdom from her!!


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