Care for a Spot of Tea, Love?

Several weeks ago the oh so talented Julie, of the Peaceful Peacock, came up with a cleaver way to enjoy loose leaf tea without having to succumb to the use of a metal tea ball. Just check this setup out!

She uses organic cotton to make a tea pouch that neatly rolls up with a strategically placed chop stick. Is that cool or what!?! Well, Monster Bites, a blog featuring 365 days worth of enviable living, was hosting a give-a-way and up for grabs was one of Julie’s tea sets. I was all like, DUDE! I have to win this because I love tea. Well the tea gods happened to be smiling upon me that day because guess what? I won!!!!

Not only did I receive 3 reusable tea bags and 2 chop sticks, but also included was a nifty little bag made from some rockin’ vintage fabric…


…AND 2 ounces of Julie’s favorite tea, An Evening in Missoula, which I will have you know is absolutely dreamy!

So if you know someone who loves tea or maybe it’s you who enjoys this *hobby* as my step father refers to it. (My mom is a hard core tea enthusiast and gets some serious crap for it!) Just mosey yourself on over here and pick up some reusable tea bags! Both you, and mother nature, will be glad you did!!



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4 responses to “Care for a Spot of Tea, Love?

  1. How utterly clever!

  2. I removed the previous comment. I can never tell if it is spam or not. I'm always afraid to click on random links. :/Julie, I'm glad you liked the photos and you are very welcome mama!!!

  3. I LOVE seeing them out in the wild!!! thank you so much for the kind words and the beautiful photos. tea is DEFINITELY a hobby! that's brilliant.

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