Our "Home Away from Home"

I spent last weekend at our “cabin” in western Pa. Over the years it’s evolved into more of a weekend house than a cabin, which is what it initially started out as. Mom and Jack purchased the humble hunting cabin and surrounding land in 2002. Since then they’ve added outbuildings, such as a garden shed, garage and a barn. They even built onto the house adding an additional room. Our extended family looks forward to the annual fall family reunion escape just as much as we do!

 Last weekend fell during turkey season. I don’t know how many days or weeks it lasts, but one rule I do know is you can only hunt till noon, then you have to stop for the day. That is also when you get serious about drinking. Hunting is kind of big in Pennsylvania. Like where schools close the first day of deer season, big.
I missed the close up “good turkey shot” because my memory card was locked and by the time I figured out what was going on, the hen & two gobblers were already well into the field. Sunday I managed to get an OK gobbler distance shot…
If you click on the picture you get a larger view of, well, a fuzzy turkey. I SO can’t wait till I get my telephoto lens!! I told mom to harass Jack and Jay for me since I had left before they arrived to partake of “hunting turkey part deux”. She made sure to tell them “Dani shot a turkey, (with her Nikon) how many did you guys bag?”
We also watched the deers leisurely stroll through Saturday morning. I think we counted 8. Cecelia would have loved it! She is always talking about seeing “the deers” at the cabin. 
These three hung out at the salt-lick while the other five meandered up the tree line.
I was happy to see a Baltimore Oriole had taken up residence on the property. It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these guys!
Here are a few photos I took while putzin’ around the house.
One of the perks about this mountainous gem is that, for the most part, it is located in the middle of nowhere. And when I say nowhere I mean NOWHERE! In Everette there is a Walmart (of course), Foodliner, Tractor Supply, ice cream place, a garden center and a Sheets. Other than that you have to drive quite a bit of distance (to Altoona, about an hour away) to go to a mall or shopping center, and that is A-OK with me! 
Our cabin is located in Clearville, which is ten minutes outside the “one horse town” of Everett, located  in Bedford County. At one point in history Everett’s name was Bloody Run.
If you venture into historic Bedford, (about 15 minutes away) and we often do, there are some artsy shops that cater to the Bedford Springs tourists, offering overpriced boutique clothing, gourmet food shops and several galleries. My mom and I often visit Deep Woods Gallery where we have purchased quite a bit of hand thrown pottery created by local artists. They even have a quilt shop! I will have more to share on that adventure once I get some sewing time!!!
Here are some local Bedford highlights as seen through my lens.
My mother adores this colonial brick and is trying to convince Jack to buy it. My mother is obsessed with early American history, so much so that she should have majored in it.
I am looking forward to my next visit, which is scheduled at the end of the month. This time Cece and Krystal will join mom and I. We are going to visit a buffalo farm and check out several covered bridges! It should be a great adventure!!

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