Decisions Decisions

Anyone who knows me is aware that at times that I can be a bit indecisive. This my dear readers is where YOU factor in. While surfing the fabulous marketplace that is etsy, I’ve decided to treat myself a new messenger bag. Nothing fancy, just a simple design that is durable and roomy enough to tote around my laptop. Yes, I know I can make one but that is simply not the point. Besides, I have yet to dabble in screen printing, so there! (like how I justified my purchase?)

Below are the bags I am painstakingly deciding upon.

1. the panda…OK is he cute or what!!
2. Reminiscent of E.A.Poe’s The Raven.
3. um, hello, I grow my own food!
4. The owl…again with the cuteness factor.
5. Barren trees, I love thee.


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2 responses to “Decisions Decisions

  1. Tree, those are the two I lean towards most! I wish they were two sided and each print was featured! hahaha

  2. 3. um, hello, I grow my own food!shouldn't even be a question…although i like the barren tree too. 🙂

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