Inspiration Move Me Brightly (Part 3)

Here is the third and final picture post from my trip to the AQS Lancaster show last March. I hope that by sharing these images I was able to spark a bit of creativity in your mind. Seeing them in person definitely lit a fire for my muse, so much so that I am now off to my first quilting class! I’ll be sure to share my project with you once I return!

I LOVED this one!
This one was intense in person! Not only did the blocks pop off the quilt but it was HUGE!
The butterflies on the quilt pictured below were actually 3D appliques. It was as if they were about to flutter right off the quilt.


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2 responses to “Inspiration Move Me Brightly (Part 3)

  1. Casey

    Do you have any paterns for these quilts? There beautiful

    • Sorry for the late reply, I was in Ireland when you left the comment. These quilts were from a show that I went to several years ago, so I don’t have any information on them. Sorry!

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