Inspiration Move Me Brightly (Part 1)

Last month Kristi, aka Peaches, and I went to the AQS quilt show held at the new Lancaster Convention Center. I am talking 3 floors of mind blowing quilts, fabrics, and all kinds of sewing/quilting gadgets. There were demonstrations galore! Talk about lighting a fire under my imagination! WOW!

Originally I was not going to bring my camera since the website clearly stated no photography without permission from the quilters. I’m glad I decided otherwise! Just check out these intense pieces. (due to the nature of my shutter bug-ism I will be sharing the images in several posts…there are just way too many to be viewed at one time!) You can click on each picture for the full size file view.

Kristi and I tried to find duplicate squares in this one, we couldn’t!
We were unable to tell if the quilt pictured below was all applique, a printed image or a mix of both (we decided on a mix)…you can only get so close to the quilts before being dragged off, beaten and cained! Security was tight and those little old ladies do not mess around!!! 
Below is a detailed view of the flowers over the arch, which were constructed from various floral prints.
The quilt below was created by a woman in SC. It’s titled “Rumspringa Memories – A Central Struggle”. How appropriate to be in Lancaster!
Of course no Log Cabin quilt is complete without Honest Abe’s face!

The entire time at the show I had people coming up to me complimenting me on my patchwork skirt and asking me questions, to which I would happily reply “Thank you, I made it blah blah blah” Then I would hand them one of my business cards. Constant networking and PR, people. It never stops! At one point Kristi turned to me stating “I can’t take you anywhere.” I replied, “Nope, not really. This goes on all the time.”

After Kristi and I parted ways I stopped to fill my tank and the following conversation took place.

Kid at the counter “Ma’am, I don’t mean to freak you out but…”

My Internal Dialogue – crap here we go

Kid “…you live in Rheems don’t you?”

Me “Kind of but not really, I’m just before Rheems.”

Internal dialogue – OK stalker, who are you and how do you know where I live?

Kid “Yeah, my dad and I saw you today in your yard. You appeared to be floating in your skirt.

So much for moving to the middle of nowhere and trying to blend in.


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