Hippie Bling

A few month back I was approached by a mama on myspace asking if I ever consider trades. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. It really depends on several variables including: the artist’s work, my monetary situation, amount of inventory, up coming shows and if they are trading something I really need or want. Jess told me she absolutely loved my Orange Ya Glad Spring’s Comin’ patchwork skirt. Her boyfriend, Landon, creates wire wraps and she would love to work out a trade.

Being someone who loves jewelry, especially one of a kind pieces I was instantly intrigued and headed over to Landon’s shop. Oh My God! Does this guy ever do some wicked wire wraps!!! I’ve had a long standing love for tanzanite and when I discovered he had a pendent with that stone in it I knew my choice was made. This is the wrap I selected and I couldn’t be happier! In addition to the tanzanite there is also amethyst and quartz stones.

Even the back of the pendent is beautifully wrapped. I’ve been wearing it on a white gold chain until I can create a permanent necklace for the piece.

If you are in the market for a beautiful wire wrapped piece of jewelry I definitely suggest you stop by and check out his work. Even if you’re not looking to purchase something you should still take a look at his pieces. The pictures do not do his wraps justice, they are truly stunning!


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