I Had a Dream

Once upon a time I fantasized about the day where I would no longer need to venture out shopping for fabric. That one day, I would be able to walk into my studio and select coordinating fabrics to create with. Folks, that day has come. Actually, I’m pretty sure I reached that goal about 4 years ago! It never dawned on me just how much fabric I really had until the day came where I needed to move it!
That is not alcohol you are looking at. It is 292 lbs of fabric neatly packed into 26 boxes. That is how much fabric I have! And do you know how I know that? Because I packed and weighed each box myself. 
My first obstacle to tackle once I moved was setting up my studio. Forget the kitchen and cooking, forget my bedroom and sleeping. My studio needed to be set up. Priorities people, priorities!
Jimi was instrumental in assisting with that task! You never know when gale force winds will whip through your house and blow everything around. He had the exhausting job of keeping everything pinned to the floor! He is such a big help!
Believe it or not I’ve actually made a bit of a dent in my *stash*. A lot of the fabrics I have been holding onto were destined to be made into clothing for moi. I just wasn’t sure what form they would take until recently. Last weekend I sat down with my vintage patterns and started drafting and designing. I have a few pieces in the works and the muslins have been started. Once I create the finished garments I will be sure to share them with you. There seems to be a shift in my creativity taking place. Change in the air and I couldn’t be happier!


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2 responses to “I Had a Dream

  1. Thanks mama! I'm super excited to be sewing for myself for a change! I was looking at my clothing and a lot of it HAS TO GO! I look like a homeless person in some of my stuff! hahaha Mainly it's my old tour shirts that have been overly loved through the years and whatnot. I think I'll cut them up and someday make a quilt or wall hanging with them…or maybe a skirt!

  2. Sounds exciting! You deserve some handmade goodness! I decided to keep a skirt myself this past weekend. Feels good! Great organization there, sister!!

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