True Story

About two weeks ago my phone rings. It’s my previous landlord, Randy.

Randy: Hey Danielle, it’s Randy, got a question for you.

Me: Sure.

Randy: Did anything weird ever happen to you while living on Charlotte St.

Me: Describe weird because weird shit happens to me all the time.

Randy: Well you know the couple that moved in after you.

Me: Yeah.

Randy: They moved out 3 days later. They insist it’s haunted and the girl won’t step foot near the place. They called me at midnight because they swore someone was in the attic!


Randy: No kidding.

Me: Seriously?

The conversation continued with Randy stating how when he arrived the girl’s mother was there along with the Manheim police, guns drawn mind you, because dude had a riffle in the attic and that is where they were insistent someone was hiding.

Personally, I think dude needs to grow a set. I lived there for 3 years and not once did I feel anything but protected and safe in my house, with or without Jason there.

It’s been a month since I vacated the gnome home and there it sits unoccupied. At least I don’t have to worry about bothering anyone when I return to dig out my perennials and garden fence this weekend!



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2 responses to “True Story

  1. hahahahahaha! Wow. Paranoia can be a side effect for many drugs! Lets hope that wasn't the case for this couple.

  2. My sister once thought their were people living in the attic of her rent house. Turns out she was doing meth.

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