CeCe’s Crayon Roll

 Last Tuesday Cecelia celebrated her third birthday. Keeping with my tradition of handmade gifts I decided to make her a crayon roll. I originally got the idea from a roll up makeup brush organizer.
I ended up using the same fabrics as her Mama & Me half apron set, so when she opened her gift she excitedly exclaimed “An Apron!” I laughed explaining that yes, the fabrics were the same but this gift was not an apron. Upon a thorough investigation of her present she announced to my mom, “Grammy, I’d like to color now.”
There was lots of oohhhhing and aaahhhing by the adults at her party. Then a wave of annoyance washed over the room once everyone learned I whipped it up that morning.
I think I may have to make one of these babies for my ever growing surplus of crochet hooks! I probably won’t use ric rac as that was a bit of a pain in the arse, but maybe a nice edge binding or a funky ribbon.


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6 responses to “CeCe’s Crayon Roll

  1. Hi Sunshine & Shadows*I stopped by your blog, I can only imagine your life struggle. You are an incredibly strong woman!Please let me know if you make a crayon roll, I'd love to see pictures!!peace*

  2. What a cute idea. I think I may do this. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Christy, you know, I can make that happen! If I remember corectly Aiden's birthday is April 3 and Bella's is soon to follow! Of course I couldn't leave Noah out! Let me know some color schemes. I may even have a dino print around!!

  4. I need one of those đŸ™‚

  5. Thanks Kate! My mom ended up getting her a case of crayons…it holds something like 200+ but she is not allowed to have it yet. I have NO DESIRE to make a crayon roll that size! It'd end up being the size of a quilt!

  6. awesome gift!! by the time she's 7 you'll have to make her a crate to hold all the crayons : )

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