Music Monday Monotony

I started Music Monday posts in January as another way to share a little bit of me, with you. Music is and always has been a huge part of my life. For me, music triggers not only intense emotion and memories, but it acts as a soundtrack for much of my life. Prime example, Hole’s 1994 album, Live Through This, stepped in precisely where Nirvana left off. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Insert conspiracy theory here. Music is good. Music is life. (OK, that was a total Shindler’s List rip and a bad one at that, but can’t help it, I love that movie!) Plus, (here comes the real truth) I wanted to add a bit O’blog filler because those of you who know me, believe it or not, I’m not always sewing. So in times of creative lull I did not want my blog to appear neglected.

Here’s another little nugget of truth. I have a thing for alliteration. So themes like Music Monday and Wordless Wednesday kind of get me slightly excited. That my friends in no way justifies the annoyance that washes over me when I realize it’s Sunday night and I have to compose a post for the next day. It’s like high school and college all over again. I happen to be a professional procrastinator who does not like keeping rigid schedules. I’m impulsive and at times I can really be impatient. I’m what you call a fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl. Therefore so shall be my blog.

So why is it I always start receiving results when I am ready to axe a project? (insert heavy sigh here) Go figure, I wake up the other morning to a comment informing me that I had indeed introduced a reader to a “new to them” artist. Mission indeed accomplished. So from here on out I will still share musical interests and happenings, just not in a structured scheduled setting. 🙂


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