The Storm of the Century, AGAIN!

As in 3 days later, again. Seriously, what are the chances!?! There. Is. So. Much. Snow. It’s everywhere and being hauled out by the truck load!

Honestly, I thought this whole snowpocalypse thing was my fault. I talked smack on Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction. He had the same one last year. We have had such mild temperatures over the last decade that people have forgotten what winter really is. So, I called the furry fat rodent a liar and told him to bring it, and he did, TWICE. Later I was informed that Blizzard #2 was actually Farmer Josh’s fault, but more on that confession in another post.

We received well over 5 feet of snow in 5 days! Who has time for that!?! Everything closed and I mean everything! Philadelphia shut down as did Lancaster. Highways, byways, the turnpike and interstates, all closed. The drifting snow was and still is a major issue. Oh and by the way, today, around 2, we are being issued another storm warning. This time we are only going to get about 6 inches…only. Awesome.

Here’s the photo tour of what went down.

Wednesday morning, day 1 of being snowed in. All that is left of my garden are the tops of the wooden stakes, the fence is buried.

Wednesday evening, attempting to stay atop of the ever mounting snow!

Snow made cattle shoots. Pa knows what I’m talking about! haha

Thursday afternoon, day 2 of being snowed in. I finally made it to the sidewalk! WooHoo!! Now I had to dig out a space to put my car in once the snow emergency was lifted and street parking could resume. Unfortunately that meant digging out my vehicle that was buried a few streets away as well. Sigh.

Lots of melting icicles make for lots of icy walkways!

 I decided to walk around town and see if anything was going on. There wasn’t.

Friday, day 3. Freedom! I managed to make it to work, but as you can see the roads were still a mess. If you didn’t have 4 wheel drive chances are you weren’t going anywhere. Snow plows and earth diggers were still out in full force trying to combat the drifting snow.


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