I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the variety of items I’ve offered over the years. Tax season does this to me each year. I like data and I like to analyze it. Each year I keep meticulous records of everything business related and every new year I start crunching numbers & comparing stats right down to the last lip balm!

After much consideration I’ve decided to drastically downsize my herbal section of the shop. For those of my customers who are faithful purchasers of certain products, email me when you run low. Just because an item is no longer offered on the site doesn’t mean I don’t have a personal stash. 🙂
Of the items I plan to keep are my herbal pillows. Now that winter is in full swing I’ve been using my hot/cold pack almost every night. Just a few minutes in the bed and my sheets are toasty warm! Both the aromatic sweet slumber pillow & hot/cold pack will remain on the site. In fact, I’ve recently updated my etsy shop with 2 pillows.



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2 responses to “Downsizing

  1. It is just so much to keep up with for inventory supplies. As an added bonus, I get to move it soon! An entire curio cabinet full of glass mason jars! UGH! It's not punishment enough that I have to pack and move two FULL cabinets of fabric, as well as shelves of canned food too! The body oils will stay on the site as do my lip balms. All other products will be severely interrogated as to why they should remain. I am going to get into soap making, soon. I've been putting it off for long enough. Your soaps kick ass by the way! Justine shared a bar with me at PPF when you dropped them off.

  2. yep, i hear you on the downsizing of body herbals. It's tough every time i give one the ax. besides my oils i'd probably ax all of them, except i sell just enough to make them free for myself (specifically my soap) 🙂

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