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Pennsylvania Drivers

Get your shit together! You would think that by the third blizzard in one month, yes, you heard me right THREE BLIZZARDS, people would slow the hell down. Obviously that is not the case. This morning on my commute to work I passed 17 morons, in a span of three miles mind you, sitting in their cars stuck in ditches because they spun off the road. IDIOTS! Forget health care, I want to know when the government is going to start doing something about retards behind the wheel!


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Music Monday – Lily Allen

I’m totally crushing on British babe, Lily Allen. “Knock ‘Em Out” is off of her 2006 debut album, Alright, Still. This song cracks me up, mainly because it is so very true. Honestly, who hasn’t told someone they lost their phone so they could politely avoid giving out their number. I know I have…more than once!


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My Morning Blanket

Crochet + Vintage + Daises = Blanket Nirvana

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See Ya Later Snow

Where does one go with all this snow? Who knows, who cares. I’m just glad to see it’s on it’s way OUT!

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The Storm of the Century, AGAIN!

As in 3 days later, again. Seriously, what are the chances!?! There. Is. So. Much. Snow. It’s everywhere and being hauled out by the truck load!

Honestly, I thought this whole snowpocalypse thing was my fault. I talked smack on Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction. He had the same one last year. We have had such mild temperatures over the last decade that people have forgotten what winter really is. So, I called the furry fat rodent a liar and told him to bring it, and he did, TWICE. Later I was informed that Blizzard #2 was actually Farmer Josh’s fault, but more on that confession in another post.

We received well over 5 feet of snow in 5 days! Who has time for that!?! Everything closed and I mean everything! Philadelphia shut down as did Lancaster. Highways, byways, the turnpike and interstates, all closed. The drifting snow was and still is a major issue. Oh and by the way, today, around 2, we are being issued another storm warning. This time we are only going to get about 6 inches…only. Awesome.

Here’s the photo tour of what went down.

Wednesday morning, day 1 of being snowed in. All that is left of my garden are the tops of the wooden stakes, the fence is buried.

Wednesday evening, attempting to stay atop of the ever mounting snow!

Snow made cattle shoots. Pa knows what I’m talking about! haha

Thursday afternoon, day 2 of being snowed in. I finally made it to the sidewalk! WooHoo!! Now I had to dig out a space to put my car in once the snow emergency was lifted and street parking could resume. Unfortunately that meant digging out my vehicle that was buried a few streets away as well. Sigh.

Lots of melting icicles make for lots of icy walkways!

 I decided to walk around town and see if anything was going on. There wasn’t.

Friday, day 3. Freedom! I managed to make it to work, but as you can see the roads were still a mess. If you didn’t have 4 wheel drive chances are you weren’t going anywhere. Snow plows and earth diggers were still out in full force trying to combat the drifting snow.

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Live the Life You LOVE

Love the life you live. Those my friends are words to live by. I plan on doing exactly what I love, today, and every day.

image credit: papersparrow

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Love is in the Air

Well, more like the snow.

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The Storm of the Century

That is what they were calling it. Was it? I don’t know but we go nailed! It looks to be around two feet. That’s 24 inches of glorious white fluffy flakes… until you have to shovel it, then it quickly becomes crap!
Lancaster sat directly in the path of the storm, so the area was quite a flutter with the upcoming weather event since last Friday. Businesses closed, schools let out, all before the first flake even started it’s descend from the sky. I left work a little before two and on my way home stopped off at the yarn shop. Most people around here stock up on milk, bread & eggs; me, I need crafting supplies! Upon entering the center I was greeted by a fleet of trucks all patiently waiting for the madness to begin.

I managed to make it home just as the snowy fog rolled in.

6am the next morning.

Somewhere in the middle of it.

At least Jimi was enjoying himself!

My snow-covered gnome-home.

As luck would have it, we are in the middle of another mammoth storm! I’m sure I’ll have more pictures to share after I dig out, again!

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Music Monday – Norah Jones

The Fall, Norah Jones’s 4th studio album, was released last November. I’ve been in love with her hypnotic vocals since her debut in 2002. Man of the Hour is the 13th track on The Fall and I think it’s my favorite as well.

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the variety of items I’ve offered over the years. Tax season does this to me each year. I like data and I like to analyze it. Each year I keep meticulous records of everything business related and every new year I start crunching numbers & comparing stats right down to the last lip balm!

After much consideration I’ve decided to drastically downsize my herbal section of the shop. For those of my customers who are faithful purchasers of certain products, email me when you run low. Just because an item is no longer offered on the site doesn’t mean I don’t have a personal stash. 🙂
Of the items I plan to keep are my herbal pillows. Now that winter is in full swing I’ve been using my hot/cold pack almost every night. Just a few minutes in the bed and my sheets are toasty warm! Both the aromatic sweet slumber pillow & hot/cold pack will remain on the site. In fact, I’ve recently updated my etsy shop with 2 pillows.


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