Watching Your Back

It is an unspoken rule among the stitching community that you NEVER post pictures of another designers work, especially without giving proper credit. It was brought to my attention that images of my work, this skirt in particular, along with several other talented seamstresses creations have been posted on another individuals Flickr account. No photo credits were given and what’s worse she is allowing viewers to assume the pictured items were in fact created by her. She even responded to a commenter about creating a piece for them just like the one pictured.

Many of the artists who created the actual pieces along with several members of the stitching community have commented on where to purchase the pictured pieces found on her account. I personally requested my images be removed due to not having permission from the copyright holder to post them, as well as sent her an email about the blatant lack of respect she has displayed.

My advice to you Miss A.K. educate yourself on Copyright laws before you find yourself in a whole lot of legal trouble. Further more if you feel the need to post pictures of your sewing ability and talent how about using images of YOUR work that you yourself have created and not the work of other artists!


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3 responses to “Watching Your Back

  1. really, again??? what's up with these gals?

  2. I found out this morning…talk about someone pooping in my corm flakes! Guess I better get a move on watermarking ALL of my images!

  3. I just saw this today….RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!Really….unbelievable!

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