Oh Joy!

I Won, I Won, I Won, I WON! Can you tell I’m excited? This is not just regular excitement, this is bursting at the seams (pun intended) excitement. Like waking up and realizing there is no school because of a snow laden world excited. Yea, I’m that excited. What has me in such a frenzied state you ask? The lovely and oh so talented Yasmine, of A Print A Day, has selected me as the winner of her mushroom fabric & terrarium print give a away! Anyone who knows me, even if only through cyber space, knows I have a serious THING for mushrooms! Talk about an awesome belated birthday gift!!!

I’ve decided to hoard the fabric and keep it all for myself. 🙂 All morning I’ve been running through a list of craftables in my head. I am leaning towards making a new kitchen apron or maybe a tote bag. Since it is such a large print I don’t want to cut it up too much, which kind of eliminates making it into clothing, although I could incorporate it into a skirt. I’m sure once I receive it I’ll know what to do!


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