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Spreading Myself Thin…

or am I maximizing my exposure?? That seems to be the question weighing on my mind as of late. My girlfriends are always on my case about not seeing them enough, or always being so busy to the point of exhaustion. They often ask why I do this to myself? Well the answer is, despite all the work and effort, I truly love it! I am very passionate about a lot of things. The way I see it if you are going to do something be intense about it, don’t half ass your interests! I love sewing and creating, so I started my own business. I love to garden, so I grow most of my own food. As long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with photography. Now that I’ve finally upgraded to my *oh so fabulous* Nikon, I’ve decided to create another blog for those images, as well as sort of an online portfolio for my fiber creations. I figure the more avenues available for people to find and see my work the more it will pay off in the end.

My newest online commitment/obsession, Tumblr. It’s simple to the point blogging!

So stop by and let me know what you think!



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And the Winner is…

Everyone was assigned a number and thanks to the help of the winner of their very own clothes pin bag is…Craftlady! Woo Hoo congrats!

I am headed on a road trip and will be back in a few days. Craftlady please send me your address and I will get your bag into the mail as soon as I return! 🙂
You can email me your info at danielle @ pixypatch dot com. 🙂

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Home Crafting & A Give-A-Way

I have what seems to be a never ending *Create/Learn to Do* list that just gets longer and longer as the years pass. Someday (very soon) I am going to try my hand at felting, soap making, quilting, jewelry making and wire wrapping. Since I don’t have enough time to devote to those crafts at the moment, I decided to create a few projects that will give me a quick sense of accomplishment!
Project #1 – Plastic Bag Holder

Nine times out of ten when I go to the store I have my own fabric shopping bags, which I sell in my etsy shop as well as on the website. I try to avoid plastic bags at all costs! When I do end up with some I ALWAYS reuse and recycle them and I hope you do too. 🙂

I made this bag holder using a cute vintage mushroom print that was given to me years ago by another stitchin’ mama. For the front patchwork I used hand dyed hemp scraps that were left over from a pair of patchwork pants I made for my brother. He is a HUGE Green Bay fan!
Project #2 – Clothespin Bag

If the weather is nice you can bet my laundry is outside drying on the line! Not only it is a great way to conserve energy and keep your electricity bills low, but there is nothing that compares to the fresh scent of sun dried laundry!

My super cheap commercial clothespin bag finally bit the dust last weekend, so I decided it was time for a handmade replacement. I used a sturdy marble green upholstery fabric and accented the opening with black bias tape. I ended up making two bags so that I could offer one up as a give-a-way here on the blog!! Woo Hoo!! I know it’s kind of late in the season and the weather is getting cooler so line drying clothes here in the North East will soon be coming to an end. Fortunately not all of my readers live in this temperate zone, and for those that do there is always next year!
I think I am going to be making more to list in my etsy shop. I just want to tweak my pattern a bit and make the top opening slightly smaller. The bias tape doesn’t quite touch at the top. You can’t see it because the hanger covers it but it bothers me a bit.

For a chance to win just sign up to follow my blog and leave me a comment so I know that you did. If you are already a follower just leave a comment! The winner will be selected at random next Friday September 18th. Good Luck! 🙂
Oh Yea, and the give-a-way is for the bag only, you have to supply your own hanger and clothespins! tee hee!


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