Google Me This, Google Me That

Recent key words and phrases that brought readers here, in order of most popular…

50’s fetishes
low water immersion dying
twisted threads
amish stuffed peppers
she loves my balls
where can I find gangsta outfits back in the old days
track marks on hand
fleur farine
morbid pleasure
death fetish models
balls are fun to play with
amish zucchini patties recipe
wanna play with my balls?
amish country chew
as snug as a bug shower

In conclusion, I would like to state that there are some seriously sick puppies out there and google seems to direct them straight to my blog. The bright side, at least they’re not showing up at my door!



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2 responses to “Google Me This, Google Me That

  1. I'll be sure to use it for the next "how you ended up here" post! 🙂

  2. I'm trying to start this new Acronym GTS = Google That Shit!Pass it on! *smile*

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